Chloe Kardashian is desperate for happiness after the split of Tristan Thompson

For months, Chloe Kardashian gave a bold face about Tristan Thompson’s fraud on her so many times.

Fans suspect (and hope) that in the birth of a child with him part will make this gap truly final.

That doesn’t mean people don’t want Chloe to be happy. Quite the opposite.

Chloe goes there, openly talking about the desire after all this to find happiness and peace of mind.

Tuesday was an afternoon like any other … except for various world events, and other than the day.

February 22, 2022 AD, the date was written 2/22/22 (or 22/2/22 in Europe).

So far very few have been appointed spiritual value for a fun calendar quirk, some thought it was an auspicious day. Chloe was one of them.

In her Instagram story Chloe shared a wish post.

“22.2.22 Manifestation of happiness and peace of mind,” – read a quote shared by Chloe.

Another claimed, “22-2-22 is the last palindrome we experience in our lives.”

Chloe Kardashian IG shows happiness and peace of mind

In this second message it was added, “May this day bring unexpected joy and wonders to everyone, may God bring you blessings together!”

Arguing that this is the last palindrome date we will be experiencing, we are not talking, this is a good enough message.

But people’s attention was drawn to Chloe’s choice in what she would like to “manifest” in the first post.

Only Chloe herself can tell us exactly how she felt.

But one has to imagine that she is struggling with unhappiness, both short-term and long-term.

She had reasons.

In the short term it is humiliating to be repeatedly and publicly deceived by the man you love.

Returning it, only to be deceived again, creates a cycle in which every scandal becomes even more painful.

She must have felt the only one who was surprised by each new betrayal – and perhaps it was.

In the long run Chloe had big ambitions for her family after she finally became the mother of the precious little Tru.

True, who will be four years old in just a month and a half, has two parents: Chloe and Tristan.

Chloe wanted her and Tristan to raise their daughter together as partners, not as child-rearing experts.

Then, of course, comes Chloe’s desire for peace of mind.

We could all use this a little bit, given the different events – both in different states of our country, and at a time when the dead superpower is invading a sovereign neighbor.

But personally Chloe can calm down if she has a clearer idea of ​​what Tru’s rest of childhood will look like.

In the end, Tristan, who was throwing his dong left and right, did more than just leave Chloe with a broken heart and embarrassed.

All that laying of pipes bore fruit.

True has two half-brothers and sisters (of whom we know). Chloe wonders how many more siblings her daughter will have?

We hope Chloe finds the happiness and peace of mind she seeks in the long run.

We would like her to love herself and her true appearance just like others, and would not try distort her image.

And we hope that her next partner has many good qualities … including fidelity.

Chloe Kardashian is desperate for happiness after the split of Tristan Thompson

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