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Language: Telugu

Cast: Chiranjeevi, Nayantara, Sachadev, Salman Khan

Director: Mohan Raja

Star Rating: 2.5/5

There hasn’t been much talk about Chiranjeevi’s film among Telugu movie audiences this week. godfatherThere was a lot of anticipation surrounding the project when it was announced, but the excitement slowly but surely subsided. ajari When Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy, fans are hesitant to put any real faith in the film. So, with this context in mind, godfather Not a very bad movie.It’s very close to the original and if you’re one of those who saw Lucifer, godfather It could very well be a snoozefest. If not, this is the movie that reintroduces Chiranjeevi, a star who won hearts in well-meaning movies.

As a benevolent illegitimate son, Brahma Teja (Chiranjeevi) prefers to stay out of the spotlight. His greatest duty is to ensure that his father has all the financial support necessary to run the party without intervention from the domestic conglomerates. Now, while the idea that illegitimate children make all their moves within the political party through their fathers is interesting, godfather We never take risks to make a movie flashy or funny. They introduce you to this big criminal on the run from Interpol, Abdul Qureshi, but what makes him so great? What about him, even Interpol is in awe of him? Answers to such questions are not something you should look forward to.

What the filmmakers really did to make Brahma the most interesting and powerful in this universe is to make him invincible. They pit Brahma against his corrupt and power-hungry brother-in-law, Jaidev Das (Satyadev). One of his biggest surprises in this movie is Sachadev as a villain. Not only does the actor have his own opposite Chiranjeevi, but he is also adept at portraying characters that are extremely disgusting.

The bad news is that Jaidev has no backstory at all. He has repeatedly said that his life purpose is to become Prime Minister, and he claims that he tricked Satya, his wife and her family into accepting him. He’s proud of how far he’s come, but he’s left with questions until the very end. Why? The Godfather is bland in the way it treats its main characters. Not only does it refuse to be grounded in reality, it further alienates the audience by introducing dialogue that is more comical than emotional.

For example, consider the dialogue “Peanuts are good for poverty, not politics.” This is just a small part of the movie’s interesting lines. This is one side Puri Jagannadcameo on the other. The director who was trolled online for his latest movie — liger — Starring Vijay Deberakonda, plays the role of the media, the fourth pillar of democracy. Really ironic. However, if he has one sequence that truly belongs in this film, it is the conversation between Puri’s character Govardhan and Brahma. This repertoire is interesting, especially after long moments of boring plot development.

You pack all this in, you’re bland, unfunny, but not a terrible movie. salman khanThe appearance of. The first question that comes to mind is when did you see Salman Khan play his second fiddle?For all purpose he drives a motorcycle that can shoot as if he had a bazooka attached . Honestly, his VFX in these scenes is really bad, but it’s how Salman’s character, his Masoom Bhai, sets the stage for Brahma’s takeover in the film that really grabs our attention. Collecting.

Prithviraj Sukumaranalso directed Lucifer Appeared in this extended cameo in Malayalam.of godfather, Salman Khan took on the role and played it candidly. However, the time to distract the viewer is negligible.The film’s snail pacing, the treatment Brahma received more powerful than you, and the lack of information about some of the main characters godfather A sad movie for me.

What is actually surprising is the fact that this film is directed by Mohan Raja. This man has made a name for himself in the Tamil film industry by spawning remake after remake and being really successful.However, it seems to be missing the magic touch godfatherIt’s certainly not a sleepy movie, but it’s also not a thrilling movie.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GPaj0OW – no

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