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October 5 episode of Chicago PD It starts with Halstead getting around Upton. Halstead responds to a drugstore shooting and crosses paths with his fellow veteran Lenny Gibson, who tries to help. Lenny is shot while trying to save a pregnant woman, and Halstead continues to pursue the escaped robbers.

“I’ve been abroad and never seen anything like it,” Halstead tells Upton about Lenny. The men who serve and work with Lenny are waiting to hear about his condition.

jessie lee sofa
Jesse Lee Soffer and Tracy Spiridakos in “Chicago PD” (NBC)

Upton then goes through the records and discovers that Lenny received a mysterious payment hours before the robbery. They go to confront Lenny at the hospital.

Lenny said, “I’m dying,” before begging Halstead and Upton not to tell his family. . It was Lenny who acted when the robber shot the pharmacist. “I did the right thing when it mattered, didn’t I?” says Lenny. He starts coding before he can identify the other robbers.

Upton believes it’s time to tell Voight and get a warrant to search Lenny’s house. Halstead hesitates. He doesn’t want to take Lenny’s name. Upton says it’s not Halstead’s calling. “One bad act doesn’t make you a bad person,” he says.

Upton calls out Halstead for not acting like himself. “This is not you,” she says. Upton brings up that he’s been evading her evidence, lying to her, and pulling away from her, and she wants to help him. Halstead then receives a call that Lenny has died.

At Lenny’s house, Halstead runs into one of Lenny’s friends. He pleads with Halstead not to tell the military. If the military says Lenny’s death was due to cheating, his wife and children will lose his pension and life insurance. He tells Lenny’s wife that he intends to keep Lenny’s name out of this case by doing what he should do. No is doing.

Upton has feelings for Halstead and goes to Voight. Together they go out to find Jay. Things get worse at the crime lab. Halstead eventually stabbed himself in one of the meth cookers and died. When he turns around, Upton is there to see him covered in blood, and Voight tells him to call death while he and Upton come up with a cover story to save Jay. “I’d do it again,” he says Mr. Halstead.

jessie lee sofa
Jesse Lee Soffer as Det. Jay Halstead in the final episode. (NBC)

He eventually hands over the knife he used when stabbing the man. The next day, he says he will head to the Organized Crime Bureau to tell him the truth. After hearing how Lenny’s family would be taken care of, Halstead said nothing.

Upton was completely stunned Jay leaving. Halstead explains that a friend of Lenny’s told him that they needed soldiers abroad to run these drug units. “You were right about me,” he says. “I have changed.” Upton had no intention of leaving.

“I had to. It was the right thing to do,” he continues. According to Halstead, a friend of Lenny’s called and the military offered him a position to run a full squad to hunt down the cartel’s worst targets. He will take the position and be posted to Bolivia. he’s leaving today

“But we can’t just walk away,” cries Upton. Halstead promises: 8 months. It may take a while, but we vow to get through this. you are the love of my life If I was yours… you’d know you’d have to let me go. They share a sweet goodbye kiss.

Voight shows up at the airport and says his final goodbyes. Voight doesn’t want him to go, but he understands. “You don’t want to be me…” says Voight. Halstead replied, “No, it’s worse than that. I do. I want to be you. But I’ve been saying it all along. I’m not..and I shouldn’t try.”

jessie lee sofa departure It was announced in August 2022, ahead of the Season 10 premiere. “We would like to thank our incredible fans for their unwavering support over the past decade and a heartfelt thank you to Dick Wolf and everyone at Wolf Entertainment. Peter Jankowski, Matt Olmsted, Derek Haas, Michael Brandt, Rick Ead, Gwen Shigan, NBC, Universal Television, fellow castmates and our amazing crew,” Jesse said in a statement about leaving the show. “Creating drama for her this hour each week is a labor of love for everyone touched by the show. I will always be proud of my time as Det. Jay Halstead.

when hollywood life talked with Jason Beghe The actor has admitted that Jesse is leaving the show It felt like a “family death”. He continued, “Obviously there’s a painful emotional response.” Jason teased that Jesse’s exit would be a “big change” for the long-running series. Chicago PD Season 10 airs Wednesdays on NBC.

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