Chetan Bhagat retaliates after Uorfi Javed re-shares leaked viral chat from #MeToo Movement

The war of words between internet sensation Uorfi Javed and Indian author Chetan Bhagat doesn’t seem to be over anytime soon. After Uorfi shared a leaked WhatsApp chat of her author when she got into the #MeToo controversy, blaming Chetan for her controversial comments at a literary festival. 2 states The writer finally broke the silence. Instead of directly addressing Uorfi’s comments, Chetan took to his official Twitter account and claimed that he had not met or spoken to anyone. Furthermore, he claimed he didn’t blame anyone, so I don’t think he did anything wrong. On his official Twitter account, Chetan wrote, “I have never spoken, chatted, met or known anyone where that is being spread. It is fake. Lies. Also a problem. No, no one is criticizing, and I don’t think there is anything wrong with telling people to stop wasting time on Instagram and focus on their fitness and career.”

This was after Chetan, while addressing an audience, took Uorfi’s name and commented on her costume, claiming she was “distracting the boys”. News agency ANI quoted Chetan as saying, “Mobile phones are a huge distraction for young people, especially boys, who spend hours just looking at Instagram reels. Everyone knows who Uorfi Javed is.” What are you going to do with her picture? Is it on your exam, or are you going to a job interview and telling the interviewer that you know all of her outfits?” Not only this, Chetan continued. So what do you wonder? Well, Uorfi followed him and all the guns were on fire.

While blaming the author, the reality show star took to the story on her Instagram account, writing: Stop promoting rape culture. It is precisely Mr. Chetan Bhagat in the 80s who blames the behavior of men on the way women dress. He also shared a screenshot of Chetan’s leaked message that was circulating on the internet during the #MeToo movement in 2018.

Earlier, in response to one of Firstpost’s tweets, Chetan vented and wrote: Apparently, it’s not okay! So they cut my statements, say them out of context, add to headlines things I never said, and make clickbait pieces that also throw in ageism. “

Interestingly, Uorfi topped the Twitter trend yesterday. Not only this, but the internet sensation has also garnered widespread support from internet users. Internet Her users praised the diva for giving back to the author, causing a meme festival.

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https://www.firstpost.com/entertainment/chetan-bhagat-retaliates-after-uorfi-javed-re-shares-his-viral-leaked-chat-from-metoo-movement-11712211.html Chetan Bhagat retaliates after Uorfi Javed re-shares leaked viral chat from #MeToo Movement

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