Chelsea Clinton’s former friend Ivanka Trump was slammed in a recent interview

Ivanka Trump was attacked by Chelsea Clinton According to Chelsea, he hasn’t spoken to her since she turned to the evil side about six years ago.

Chelsea, 42, revealed Thursday when she appeared alongside her mother, Hilary, 74, on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.”

Of her friendship with Ivanka, 40, Chelsea said: , she eventually turned to the evil side.

The pair last contacted each other in November 2016, shortly after Chelsea’s mother lost the presidential election to Ivanka’s father, Donald.

Chelsea hinted that Ivanka Kushner’s husband, Jared Kushner, was misunderstood in an interview with Andy Cohen about a statement in his latest book Breaking History.

Jared claimed that Ivanka invited Chelsea to dinner after the 2016 presidential election to maintain their friendly relationship with each other.

Ivanka and I last spoke in November 2016, and Chelsea confirmed this to be the case. However, he does not remember receiving an invitation to dinner.

The two, who had three children of the same age, were best friends before politics got in the way. The Post reached out to Trump’s representatives for their thoughts on Clinton’s recent discovery.

Chelsea told People in 2015 that friendship always takes precedence over politics. Did.

Later that year, she told Vogue, “She still believes me and Ivanka are very close friends. We get along very well.
She always looks out for people around her and makes sure everyone is having fun.

https://celebrityinsider.org/ivanka-trump-a-former-friend-of-chelsea-clinton-has-come-under-fire-in-a-recent-interview-532521/ Chelsea Clinton’s former friend Ivanka Trump was slammed in a recent interview

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