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another day another real housewife Fans Revealed!actress Charlize Theron announced that she was huge real housewife Fan of the “Process” issue of Harper’s Bazaar “I always tell my kids, ‘Diversify a little bit. housewife Also? ‘ she recalled. “And then I go, ‘Yes, I..we’ll take a look.’ [Federico] Fellini She didn’t reveal which shows in the popular Bravo franchise she regularly participates in.

Charlize, 47, also revealed one of her favorite movies. fairyshe explained Will Ferrell-Leading the movie as “Perfect King”. She takes diversification advice seriously!

Charlize Theron Harper's Bazaar cover
Charlize Theron appears in the October 2022 issue of ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ (Photo: Josh Olins)

of bomb The actress is the second celebrity to admit to indulging. real housewife episode.Between September 19th broadcast of howard stern show, Jon Hamm51, revealed he and his girlfriend, Anna Osceola34, turn on Together as a “ceremony”“When Anna and I are cooking dinner, a little ritual takes place where we watch. Defeat Bobby Flay…and sometimes there will be real housewife I’m watching,” he said. He also admitted that he was initially “resisting” watching Bravo’s hit show, but was eventually “fascinated by it.”

He didn’t specify which show he was watching in particular, but he seemed familiar with the drama. real housewives of beverly hills,In particular Erica Jaynefinancial difficulties.he’s specifically erika’s $750,000 diamond earrings her estranged husband Tom Girardi He reportedly gave her a gift from 2018 with money he embezzled from a client. Howard SternWhen asked whether Erika, 51, should return the earrings to Tom (she said she did this summer), he exclaimed: give them back!

Jon Hamm and Anna Osciola
Both Jon Hamm and Anna Osceola are fans of the ‘The Real Housewives’ franchise (Photo: Jon/Anna)

Maren Morris, Florence PughWhen jennifer lawrence Here’s one other celebrity who has admitted to being a fan of the hit Bravo franchise. every weekPerhaps Charlize, John and Anna housewife Watch the party together and invite other stars who love to indulge in the series!

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