Charlie Vickers reveals he didn’t even know he was Sauron

Action-packed, glorious and utterly fantastic Prime Video Lord of the Rings: Ring of Power The finale was what fans of the franchise had been waiting for. The most amazing truth about the Forging of the Ring and the identity of Sauron’s looming evil was revealed in the epic Episode 8. Actor Charlie Vickers (Halbrand his Sauron), one of Tolkien’s most evil characters in history, reveals how his character was deceitful and never lied throughout Season 1 .

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Vickers said: But all Sauron’s subconscious work is behind the scenes.The beginning of the third episode. After filming his first two episodes, the show was put on hiatus due to COVID. Towards the end of the hiatus, the showrunner sat me down and told me. As Hall Brand, I put my heart into the filming. But honestly, I had a hunch.my last two auditions were [reading lines from Richard III], and we know he’s not the greatest man in the world. And the other audition line was from Paradise Lost where you literally give a speech as Satan. Then I realized something was happening. That’s why I was half in doubt, but I couldn’t confirm it until just before the shooting of episode 3 started. “

Fans can’t help but keep their cool and see where Sauron and Sauron’s Journey lie. GaladrielSeason 2 is already in production and eagerly awaited. All eight episodes of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power are streaming exclusively on Prime Video in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada.

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https://www.mid-day.com/entertainment/hollywood-news/article/charlie-vickers-reveals-that-even-he-didnt-know-he-was-sauron-23250590 Charlie Vickers reveals he didn’t even know he was Sauron

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