Catherine Cold Birdy Movie Review: Lena Dunham’s Medieval Comedy Worshiping at the Altar of Phoebe Waller-Bridge

Writer-director Lena Dunham, once described as a voice for millennials, was effectively dismissed by Gen Z within a decade of first making that claim. In this decade, Dunham has gone from being an American independent, one of the most interesting new filmmakers on her scene, to being a TV powerhouse with her player-like presence and a deaf voice. Regularly got into trouble because of public statements. Created as recently as last week.

It took Dunham more than a decade to direct the sequel to her debut Sundance hit, Tiny Furniture, but now she has another movie coming out. But the period comedy Catherine Cold Birdie — no pun intended, but perfectly appropriate — is a divisive and frankly frankly terrifying film shot in secret and released just a few months ago. Based on Karen Cushman’s children’s novel Catherine Cold Birdy, the film is a medieval comedy about a teenage heroine having to contend with growing pains. and must contend with the possibility of a dire future when her father decides to barter her in exchange for social mobility.

Bella Ramsey stars as a heroine who is constantly at odds between the responsibilities that come with being called “Lady” Katherine and a rapidly fading childhood that she wanted to enjoy more as carefree Birdy. Her novel was published in her 90s, but the film is an extension of that. free bag The school of feminism popularized by Phoebe Waller-Bridge – to the extent that the Hot Priest himself counts among its cast.

Andrew Scott plays Birdie’s status-obsessed father as a spendthrift among men casually squatting on inherited land and coasting around on entitlements alone. Bored (and practically penniless), he bought a tiger for entertainment, but it arrived on his doorstep many months later, presumably damaged in transit – dead. Of course, she is constantly at odds with him. Birdie can’t digest her reasons for trying to marry her to a dirty old man just to protect her own pride and collect a fat dowry in return for her. The film was probably designed as an exaggerated metaphor for how poorly women are treated, but in some cultures (including our own), it effectively plays out like a documentary. there is a possibility.

Indian matchmaking has shed some of our most shameful truths in front of the whole world. Many other countries in China also agree to participate in archaic traditions. world.

But when Birdie isn’t raging against men, she has to contend with rage hormones. Taylor Swift Joe Alwynand imagine the monks at the local convent all hot as members of the boy band Simon Cowell himself created.

Dunham imbues the period setting with a soundtrack transferred straight from her iPhone, but like the whole Fleabag – mimicked not just by Enola Holmes’ films, but by recent films. Persuasion — this has been done many times before, perhaps most notably with Marie Antoinette’s Sofia Coppola. But if Coppola’s film reimagined the Queen of France as a valley girl who simply wants to party, Dunham presents Birdy like her Horvath version of Hannah in her influential HBO series Her Girls. Masu — a complex blend of white privilege and patriarchal oppression.

Ten years after Tiny Furniture was born, Dunham’s “voice of the generation” persona seems to have allowed other women’s voices to take precedence over her own, either voluntarily or by command. is. Catherine Called Birdy is both the “New Lena Dunham Movie” and the product of industry-wide changes introduced by people like Waller-Bridge and Shonda Rhimes. And in the end, it’s for the best.

Catherine called Birdie
directed by – Lena Dunham
cast – Vera Ramsey, Andrew Socht, Joe Alwyn, Billie Piper
evaluation – 3/5

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