Cate Blanchett conducted a real orchestra in TAR instead of lip-syncing

In Todd Field’s TR, Blanchett plays a fictional composer named Lydia Tarr. But to her chagrin, her Lydia’s once-promising career plummets due to her sexual misconduct allegations.

With the help of a private tutor, Blanchett, 53, learned how to lead an orchestra and was able to make many moments of on-screen rehearsals and performances believable.

During a Monday morning press conference at the New York Film Festival, she joked about not being involved in “doing a lip-sync version” of the film.

We’ve all seen movies about artists and prayed, “God, don’t turn the canvas over. I know you’re not a real painter.” Blanchett revealed that they opted out of that particular adaptation.It was important to be able to compete musically with the actors cast as musicians. To become an actor, I had to train to sound as much like a musician as possible.

Blanchett, who also plays the piano and speaks German, said she learned both inside and out by listening to one of the film’s key symphonies non-stop for a year.

Then she said she felt ready to take on the role. I began to piece together what was working. It was a musical connection.

She said the script was rhythmic in its plot and dialogue, like a musical soundtrack. He said he was overwhelmed by the complexity of the script because it seemed to have a tragic story.

https://celebrityinsider.org/cate-blanchett-in-lieu-of-lip-syncing-conducted-the-actual-orchestra-in-tar-534509/ Cate Blanchett conducted a real orchestra in TAR instead of lip-syncing

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