Cassandra Peterson says Halloween growth is a key factor in Elvira’s success.

According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), halloween enthusiasm is expected to return to pre-pandemic levels, with associated spending expected to reach $10.6 billion. Cassandra Peterson, the woman behind Elvira, a terrifying cult favorite for decades, isn’t surprised: For Peterson, the Elvira phenomenon is her 24/7 business, earning millions of dollars. It has resulted in a project of scale and an empire of products. These days, the fictional Mistress of the Dark can be found featured in TV shows, Vegas slots his machines, purses, baby onesies, and pets his bowl. With over 1000 licensed products, she’s everywhere.

This year, the NRF predicts that $3.6 billion will be spent on Halloween costumes and $1.7 billion on adult costumes. Of those who dress up, 1.7 million adults report planning to dress up as vampires. Many people channel the “vampire” Elvira.

Elvira and Halloween

Originally envisioned as a year-round horror hostess TV personality in the 1980s, Elvira’s connection to Halloween culture pushed the brand far beyond Peterson’s expectations.

“Holidays are an important factor. To be associated with a national holiday that actually happens around the world…it’s just a miracle…I didn’t start out being associated with Halloween. It started out as a kid’s vacation, you know, trick or treating and all about fun and when I started it was all about giving credit You can’t, that’s for sure, but I think it’s built into an adult holiday, but it’s still a great kid’s holiday as well. It’s getting bigger and bigger,” says Peterson.

real life and elvira

Paperback edition of the memoir of a pop culture icon Cruel You, Elvira: Memoirs of the Dark Queen The release this month comes a year after a hardcover publication containing Peterson’s relationship introduced fans to the fact that she was in a long-term romantic partnership with a woman.

For Peterson, the past year has been both enlightening and bright thanks to a memoir dealing with a difficult relationship with his mother and a supportive relationship with assistant Teresa “T” Weirson.

“I’m glad so many things about her[her mother]are off my chest. , income, and relationships, but it’s finally there, and I’m like, ‘Yeah, I feel like I’m 100 pounds lighter.’

Did the reveal that actor Cassandra Peterson was gay affect Elvira’s brand, which has long been associated with vampire female characters who seem obsessed with men? ?

Peterson says there was some kind of change at first, but it wasn’t a negative change. Social When it comes to her media, she has seen her Instagram followers plummet and then skyrocket. “In the first weekend she lost 11,000 and won 60,000,” says Peterson.

She claims the book and her revelations have had a positive impact on the Elvira franchise. None of my licensees that I have over 300. None of them have canceled my contract. It was all positive. I am very happy. So maybe I’m just one of the lucky few. But it was a positive experience. And all the things I worried about have not come true. ”

Peterson’s schedule is filled with performers and fans who want a glimpse of the woman behind the Halloween icon. brutally, elvira It will be biopic.

Elvis and Elvira

Fun fact: Her role in turning Halloween into a multi-generational holiday wouldn’t have happened without Elvis Presley. Peterson was a 17-year-old showgirl in Las Vegas when the cast of the show invited her to a party at Elvis’ suite. provided advice.

“He said, ‘Go out and take vocal lessons.’ It’s my dream come true.He said, “No, no, no, it’s not your dream come true. You have more dreams ahead of you. And you really need to start working on yourself.” And advance your career I always tell people I was the youngest showgirl in Vegas If I didn’t meet Elvis I would be the oldest showgirl in Vegas But he changed the whole trajectory of my career and life.”

Peterson took singing lessons the next day, wrote songs for shows, and soon moved to Europe to become the lead vocalist of an Italian rock band.

future elvira

The actor and businesswoman, who has retired her dancing shoes from her long-running annual show at Knott’s Scary Farm, seems far from giving Elvira a rest. do you have?

“No, I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. But in the end, I truly believe we built a brand that took us 40 years to build, but it’s solid enough to be forever associated with Halloween. also, even if it’s not alive, I think the brand will continue, so I think it’s like, for example, Santa Claus that really ceased to exist to back up his image Elvira stay with me So I’m pretty confident at this point, it’s like buying Marilyn Monroe memorabilia or Elvis Presley stuff.

https://www.forbes.com/sites/nancyberk/2022/10/18/cassandra-peterson-says-halloween-growth-has-been-a-key-component-in-elviras-success/ Cassandra Peterson says Halloween growth is a key factor in Elvira’s success.

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