BTS’s RM’s most iconic leadership moments: Keeping the band out of controversy, mediating ugly fights, and giving comforting hugs in stressful situations.

BTS’s RM (Kim Namjoon) turned 28 on Monday, and ARMYs are already busy celebrating his birthday. There are many facets to his personality, Be it his affable crab-loving self, or the intimidating leader who leads the group out of trouble, or the fierce rapper on stage.

Being the leader of one of the biggest bands in the world is no easy task, but RM carry out his duty resolutelyGuide 6 people by asking leading questions in interviews, give encouragement when they are unmotivated and unmotivated, encourage them to receive awards and give speeches (especially Jungkook), and encourage young people to I’ll take my eyes off you when I’m a little too playful. On stage, dealing with controversial questions at press conferences in a fairly professional manner and thereby gaining a lot of respect among ARMYs, RM has countless iconic moments. One of them was when he subtly warned the band to be careful before answering a question that could get them in trouble.

No wonder the rest of the members actually adore him, and when they repeat their praise for how he has guided them over nearly a decade, he responds in a modest way. not enough. That’s why you can become a leader.”

Savage, soft, professional. Here are some of his iconic moments as a leader.

Dodge specific questions

An interviewer once asked J-Hope, “Which K-pop band do you think will break out in America next?” This may have been an innocent question, but such questions got the band into trouble. In the video, RM whispers “Be careful” in Korean as J-Hope tries to answer. The mood quickly changed, with all the members jokingly saying, “BTS? I think BTS will.”

Prevent members from playing too much in public

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RM is as chaotic as any other member, but his band’s strict treatment of stage events is carefully documented. Jungkook, V and Jimin were joking and laughing. They still didn’t stop their antics even though RM gave them a glare first. I calmed down.

work together Justin Bieber not a “dream”

RM has answered several questions over the course of his career.Perhaps one of ARMY’s favorite ‘savage RM moments’ was when he answered a question about collaborating with Justin Bieber The interviewer told RM, “There are rumors of a collaboration with Justin Bieber. Is it just a dream? Will we reveal this?” RM replied, “No dream. We are in the same company. It’s not a dream, it hasn’t come true yet, so if you see this video friend, please call me or come to Korea.”

When he mediated during a heated argument between V and Jin

V and Jin were involved in a heated battle at the 2017 Wings Tour that left both of them so emotional that they nearly burst into tears just before they took the stage. Footage of the fight was captured in their documentary, Burn the Stage.The discussion began 10 minutes before showtime when RM brought up a timing flaw in the choreography. When I told him I had to raise it, it spiraled and he replied that he was doing his best.

The fight almost got bitter and RM had to intervene. Before they went on stage, RM went to give V a hug, and then offered words of encouragement to the members that they were not just individual members, but a band together when they were on stage. After the concert, he checked up on the members and admitted he felt a lot of stress before taking the stage, but reminded them that fans shouldn’t see their inner turmoil. .

When you promised to be ready to hug Jungkook anytime

Whenever Jungkook gets discouraged, RM is known to cheer him up. Once, RM left him a message on VLive, saying, “Jungkook was crying a while ago, but that’s all I can think of now. Jungkook, if you’re watching, I will always believe in you.” Please know that I will always support you. I will always have a hug ready for you.”

At Fiesta in June 2022, an emotional RM broke down, explaining that he wanted the band to inspire fans and make sense, and expressed his fear that the group had lost direction. The group decided to take a break, leading to a collective meltdown, as fans began speculating about their hiatus and panicking about their breakup, due to mistranslated subtitles. Clearing the air, BTS said they weren’t going anywhere, only reevaluating themselves further while pursuing solo careers.

https://indianexpress.com/article/entertainment/music/bts-rm-kim-namjoon-leadership-moments-8143337/ BTS’s RM’s most iconic leadership moments: Keeping the band out of controversy, mediating ugly fights, and giving comforting hugs in stressful situations.

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