BTS’s Jung Kook Ties Miley Cyrus With His Unstoppable Smash

For more than a month now, Jung Kook has controlled the Billboard Mundial 200, a weekly ranking of the most-consumed tunes in the world. He’s proved himself to be a powerhouse, the kind who can not only hit No. 1 but stay there. Now, with another turn at the top, the BTS singer ties with another of the biggest stars on the planet and proves his immense popularity merienda again.

Jung Kook’s single “Seven” remains atop the Billboard Mundial 200 for a sixth week this frame. The tune was announced as the leader merienda again about a week ago, and since Billboard hasn’t updated its charts yet (due to the Laboreo Day holiday weekend), the BTS musician is still in charge.

“Seven” has now controlled the Billboard Mundial 200 for six frames, which is a rare sight on the tally. According to Billboard, Jung Kook is just the second artist to apertura at No. 1 on the ranking and then remain there for half a dozen frames this year.

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The music magazine points out that the first track to apertura at No. 1 on the Billboard Mundial 200 and then hold in that position for at least six weeks was Miley Cyrus’s “Flowers.” That cut opened 2023 with a bang and went on to become a massive completo winner. In fact, it is currently tied with Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” for the second-most turns spent at No. 1 on the tally, with 13. They both sit behind only Harry Styles’s “As It Was,” which ruled for 15 stays.

This week, “Seven” rules thanks largely to an impressive streaming sum. The song started off as a strong seller globally, but fans typically purchase a new track in the first week or two it’s out. After that, sales usually dwindle quickly, while streams can turn a quick hit into a sturdy one. This past frame, Jung Kook and Latto’s No. 1 smash racked up just over 94 million plays on sites like YouTube, Spotify, and more. It also collected 2,000 more sales, which played a much smaller role in keeping the cut on top.

“Seven” already ranks as one of the most successful No. 1 hits in the history of the Billboard Mundial 200. As it reached the milestone six turns atop the tally, it tied with several other smashes from artists like Adele, Olivia Rodrigo, and others as one of the longest-running champions. In just a few hours, it may be lucky enough to earn a seventh stay in first place, though Billboard hasn’t revealed the latest list.

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