BTS’s Jin Shares Why He Delayed Military Enlistment: ‘I Didn’t Want A Tearful Performance’

BTS’ Jin Releases New Single astronaut, a collaboration with Friday’s Coldplay. After releasing the song, he went live on Weverse. Now, he begins work on the same document on Friday after returning from Argentina, where he co-starred with Coldplay’s Chris Martin.

In a live broadcast, Jin said, “I was supposed to enlist in June, but I waited until October’s performance (Busan) to be kind to the fans. I didn’t want to have a tearful performance, so the enlistment announcement was delayed. .”

A few days after their Yet To Come concert in BusanBTS’s agency is issued a statement The band members have completed their mandatory military service, and the band has announced that it will be reconvened in 2025.

The surprise announcement that BTS will be required to serve in the military has taken fans all over the world by surprise. However, Jin also explained that the band had already started dropping hints about a hiatus when they said they would focus on solo projects. I released a video of the content. We indirectly shared that we were going to the military.”

Jin said the band announced their hiatus after the Busan concert because they didn’t want to upset their fans during their performance.

He also revealed that he will be enlisting in the military during the cold months, contrary to his wishes of doing it in the summer or spring. I got an ‘OK’ from the agency to let me go, but then BTS’ World Expo 2030 concert in Busan, South Korea was held, and the singer had to choose between the fans and himself. I thought a lot about whether to be polite to my fans and go to the army, or to skip performances during my favorite warm season and go to the army.” But in the end, he chose fans.

https://indianexpress.com/article/entertainment/music/bts-jin-shares-why-he-delayed-his-military-enlistment-8236934/ BTS’s Jin Shares Why He Delayed Military Enlistment: ‘I Didn’t Want A Tearful Performance’

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