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britney spears Confessed after her sons, ‘most of me died’ Sean16, and jayden, 15, stopped talking to her. “I want my children Kevin [Federline] —I don’t remember that part because people always focus on the negative. I had them most of the time when they were 6-9.

“Since they’ve been gone, I feel like a large part of me has died. They were my purpose, my joy, my everything,” added the Kentwood native. “I was looking forward to seeing them—that’s why I’ve been alive. And then suddenly they were gone…my heart was pounding. How could they cut me off like that?” It’s easy or I don’t understand it. I don’t understand it,” she added.

Britney’s latest comments came just a week after her son Jaden participated in an interview Along with her dad, Kevin, she confided about her relationship status with the singer. It was publicly revealed that there was tension after her sons didn’t attend their wedding in June. Sam Asghari28, the teenager explained family drama results“At the time it wasn’t the right time to go,” Jaden explained. “I’m not saying I’m not happy with her. I’m really happy with them, but she didn’t invite her whole family. If it’s me and [Sean] Preston, I don’t know how the situation ended on good terms. “

Her younger son also revealed he was uncomfortable Her sexy post on Instagram“It’s like she has to put something on Instagram to get attention,” he pointed out. She wants me, but she probably wants me.”

Britney Spears is seen with sons Sean and Jaden. (Jim Smeal/BEI/Shutterstock)

For her part, Britney said her boy I stopped talking to her one day After she said she wanted to see more. “When I said, ‘I miss you more,’ you called your dad and never saw you again,” Britt recalled in another post on Sept. 5.

“I have done nothing wrong and I know I am not perfect, but the love I gave you and how much I worshiped you in your diplomatic ways, Say something like this: [my dad Jamie] — Self-proclaimed, “I can fix this. See you when I’m better.” And secretly liked to look at me like I was doing something wrong,” she continued. intersection Considering Sean turns 17 this week and Jaden turns 16, Kevin is only given two more years of child support, which she claims is “40 grand a month.”

“Do you want me to keep ‘getting better’ so you can keep giving your dad 40 grand each month?” [in child support]?” she asked on September 5. she asked.

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