Britney Spears looks like a body-shame dancer gets backlash from fans

Not all went smoothly after the incident The success of Britney Spears’ ‘Hold Me Closer’.

She’s still dealing with strained family relationships, years of trauma, and friction on social media.

But supporting Britney and her freedom doesn’t mean rooting for her, even if she’s wrong.

Fans are accusing her of body-shaming in a post from Monday night. teeth.

Britney in Las Vegas
Britney Spears visited Las Vegas over the weekend. And the trip seems to have brought back some painful memories for the pop icon.

Before delving into the understandable controversy, let’s address the post itself.

First, Britney shared a photo and a quote: “It turns out there’s only one way to look thin: with fat people.”

“I wish I had picked a nanny for my kids…my dancer…” she began captioning.

Britney is on vacation
Britney Spears recently returned to Instagram after deleting her account. Also, some fans believe Pop his icon is hiding a secret.

“I mean, if there was a Christina Aguilera dancer,” Britney thought, adding, “I would have looked so tiny…”

Then she asked: “Why don’t you talk about it??”

Britney added, “Wouldn’t you feel a little more confident if you could choose where you live?”

Britney Spears in maid outfit
Britney Spears recently posted a photo on Instagram of herself in a risqué maid outfit. Her photo and her caption caused concern among her fans.

Britney went on to say she wished she could have chosen a location where she “dated someone I called on the phone.”

“And who was on stage with me!!!”

Britney later said, “It’s hard at times to see how much of my femininity was taken away from me at the time.”

Britney Spears served in this photo from her London hotel room, looking expressive. (Photo via Instagram)

“And,” she lamented, “everybody sat in the back and said nothing!!!”

Britney concludes:

In general, it’s certainly a good thing that Britney is free to speak her mind. But some words hurt, even unintentionally.

Simply put, Britney sounds like Christina Aguilera’s dancer body-shaming, among other things.

(Christina apparently thought so…because she publicly unfollowed Britney.)

Comments were soon pouring in, begging Britney to either delete her post or edit it. And of course an apology.

Britney Spears Flashes Backside in Racy Video: That's My Real Ass!

Clearly, many of Britney’s longtime supporters felt ripped off by this.

Is Britney the covert villain making fun of the backup dancers? Are people just misunderstood?

made by britney a lot Good point about her freedom… So why did she bring someone else’s body in there?

Britney Spears’ tanned skin and Cabo’s green thong contrasted beautifully with the white duvet in her London hotel room. (Photo via Instagram)

During that time, she had some very vocal fans who urged people to stay away from her business.

It’s only natural that Britney is happy to be free and able to speak her mind.

They would rather have her speak freely without criticism than receive feedback, let alone blame.

britney is a cat
Britney Spears is ready for her next legal battle. At least that’s the message she seems to be sending in her catsuit selfie.

Obviously, supporting Britney and her freedom doesn’t mean rooting for her when she’s wrong.

Well… you can. But it definitely shouldn’t.

That said, there may be nuances here that explain why Britney thought nothing of her post.

Britney without top
Britney Spears posted more topless vacation photos this week. But what fans are really talking about is how she captioned the photos!

First and foremost, Britney spent nearly 14 years in guardianship.

She didn’t have the normal social opportunities most humans have at their disposal.

In a way, it’s no surprise to hear that she’s “trapped” in the culture of 2008.

Britney Spears in 2000
Remember this iconic performance? Britney Spears doing her job at the 2000 MTV Music Awards.

People aren’t insulting Britney when they ask if she knows the term “body shaming” or what it means.

First, she grew up and rose to stardom in the 1990s. In this era, even thin women were targets of vicious body her policing.

Clearly, Britney has body image issues. She has expressed this many times on her social media, if not in the words.

britney spears glory
Britney Spears in all its glory. Art cover for her new record Glory. Team Britney.

Also, remember the anecdote she shared earlier this year?

When Britney heard her friend’s 12-year-old daughter request a cheeseless sandwich, she asked if they were counting calories.

why? Because Britney herself began doing so at the same age, she was surprised by her friend’s hostile response to her question.

Britney clearly didn’t understand why that question, rooted in diet culture and eating disorders, was unwelcome.

why? Because that kind of toxicity is the only attitude towards the human body she’s ever known.

With that in mind, body shaming is not okay.

https://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/2022/09/britney-spears-seemingly-body-shames-dancers-earns-backlash-from-fans/ Britney Spears looks like a body-shame dancer gets backlash from fans

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