Britney Spears’ latest N*de photo has netizens worried about pop star, fans feel ‘it feels like you’re back in time’

Britney Spears’ latest N*de photo has netizens worried, with concerned fans commenting, ‘This is sad & not okay’ (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Britney Spears regularly makes headlines. Previously due to the #FreeBritney movement and her conservatism, now due to feuds with her family and the content she posts on her social media. The pop star made news for the latter today, as she’s posting n*De photos again and netizens are worried.

Not long ago, Britney took to Instagram to share two posts of her naked on the beach, with nothing but red hearts covering her b**bs and v*gina. Although she’s posed seductively in no photos, netizens are worried about her well-being and wonder if she’s going back to being who she was when she was younger.

Britney Spears voices concern as she shares n*de photos taken on the beach netizen “Just because you can do it doesn’t mean you should,” he wrote. Another – a little harsher – added: Gee!! Self-expression? Really that’s what we call it now. No! She has some issues. She doesn’t have to do this. A third said, “Britney, we love you more than your body and your music. We just wanted you to know that.” Another insider said, “This is very sad behavior for a 40-year-old woman and mother. It’s a warning against being too early as a teenager.” This is the story of She’s not okay Okay people don’t do this.

Another comment asked Britney Spears not to cringe or pose for n*de on social media. You don’t have to do it at all 😢😢😢” One concerned netizen said, “I hope people around her care. Others commented on her post, “This chick has lost her shit. 🤦🏻‍♂️” read. “I’m worried about Britney. You won the case, but it looks like you’ve gone back in time.” “You have the right to do this, but please don’t post.” The fact that it gets 10,000 likes is sad!”

Another person wondering if her father was right said: Everyone is looking out and doesn’t know what happened behind closed doors. From what I can see, something is wrong here. ‘” Another added, ‘I think her dad was right…’ Her third said she felt sorry for her and “really think her dad saved her from herself.”

Comment on why britney Spears’ relationship with his sons is strained, wrote one netizen. She understands why she wants to do it and she feels the need to do it and why it bothers them. Another user added, “I’m all about freedom, empowerment, etc. But if you post this, please don’t pretend to be a victim when a teenage boy gets mad at you.” I was. she treated her. But she is always the victim 🙄 Be a mother and stop hurting her children! ”

What do you think about Britney Spears posting such a photo? Do you think it’s related?? Let us know in the comments below.

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