Britney Spears has criticized her father, Jamie Spears, for keeping her ‘like the F King Dog’.

In her social media rant against her father and former guardian, Jamie Spears, Britney Spears claimed he abused her worse than a f-ing dog.

Why did you and your family allow it and treat me like a dog? Britney addressed her estranged father in the caption of a series of old photos she posted Tuesday. What makes you special??? Oh my god, what is it that makes your other daughters so special?

The Toxic singer went on to say that he prays every morning and night to the King God, “Take me five minutes of the misery I felt,” “May he burn,” and so on.[s] In the fire you sad son of a bitch!!!

Britney, now 40, also shared five other screenshots from her notes app. In it, she comments on how her father treated her when he was her guardian for 13 years, feeling like she was her ugliest person. I was allowed to. in the world.

She wrote that she experienced no emotions at all when she was in the guardianship system. I was upset because I couldn’t get an opinion on what I should look like during the photo shoot and instead had to follow directions… I never stopped saying that I swear to god never… my mom and dad are ruined.my life is so bad!!!

The Gimme More vocalist went on to say that her father, now 70, had a habit of telling her she was obese, and as a result she never felt cute enough. .

My father was always drunk, so he couldn’t play the role of a father to me. Britney continued. I’m talking about this because I recognize that I’m trying to portray myself as a perfect, attractive person…but the real reason I’m doing this is because I’m ugly and terrifying. Because I know what it’s like to feel!!!

https://celebrityinsider.org/britney-spears-criticized-her-father-jamie-spears-for-keeping-her-like-an-f-king-dog-534909/ Britney Spears has criticized her father, Jamie Spears, for keeping her ‘like the F King Dog’.

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