Brian Gay Confirms Gael Garcia Bernal’s ‘Werewolves Of The Night’ Is Usher In Marvel’s Monster World: Jack Russell Is The First – Exclusive

can you hear me?howl marvel A long-awaited fan. Gael Garcia Bernal Jack Russell from now on Halloween A special “Night Werewolf”. Slated for his highly anticipated debut on Disney+ Hotstar on October 7, the special will be a “first look” at Monster World that awaits fans in the next phase of the MCU.It was the executive producer who helped navigate the world of werewolves, vampires and creatures Brian Gay.

In a chat with ETimes, Brian asked our questions about new monsters in the superhero world, possible timelines, Kevin Feige’s reaction to all the blood and gore in the special, and, of course, what’s yet to come. replied to…

‘Werewolf by Night’ is unlike anything we’ve seen before in the MCU. Why introduce Jack Russell in the form of a Halloween special instead of his series on the web?
I felt it was the right time. Disney+ made him a 10-episode long series and he a 6-episode series, but we wanted to give Jack something special, unique and a little shorter and give Jack time to shine. He’s the focus of this entire special, and more importantly, he’s part of this monster world of his MCU. This was our first appearance.

Monsters have been around for centuries, but we’ve focused on superheroes, aliens, and other dimensions…but guess what! There are many monsters out there, but he’s the first one we’re making.

When is it set in the MCU timeline?

I do not understand. Just kidding, it feels like it could happen all the time, right? I knew I had to introduce the monster idea, but I wanted Jack and Elsa to join me in that story and wonder what would happen. I want to feel trapped and hunting with them. And when Jack walks out…but I’m sure he’ll be interacting with other parts of the MCU.

“Werewolf by Night” takes a lot of its inspiration from 1930’s and 1940’s horror films. It’s unclear if this will get Dracula to make a cameo appearance, but do you think Marvel is ready to lead the monsters? Where can we expect to see Jack next?

I don’t think Jack knows either, so I don’t know where I’ll see him next. At the end of the special, we find out he had a crazy night. I can’t believe he survived. The interesting thing about that character is that he’s just Jack.

I don’t know who he’ll run into next, but I’m really looking forward to it. I think Gael García Bernal gave a great performance and it was fascinating to watch.

Why do you think Gael García Bernal is perfect for the role? What made you want to bring him on board?

Gale came to our minds for this character. Our director, Michele, had worked with him before and he knew Gael was capable. Looking at his work, he is very thoughtful, moving, and gives a great performance. When I introduced Jack, I knew he was a great soul and that at the bottom of it all, he was human. Gael came in to make sure Jack was always approachable and connected with the audience. So it’s a big night for Jack and you really want to be by his side. he did a great job.

It’s the bloodiest Marvel movie, but it’s black and white. What is Kevin Feige’s reaction to this?

Kevin loves it because it’s all in the story. If you put Jack and Elsa in a room with the strongest monster ever, he wouldn’t sit down and eat dinner or play his game of cards. they go hunting. They attack each other and become very aggressive. When we were filming, I thought this made sense. There is one thing these characters do is he. They have his one thing in mind. It’s about getting Bloodstone. Given that, I have to see them chasing each other. You have to be a little scared. I have to wonder if they will all succeed.

https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/web-series/news/english/brian-gay-confirms-gael-garcia-bernals-werewolf-by-night-ushers-in-marvels-monster-world-jack-russell-is-just-the-first-exclusive/articleshow/94698362.cms Brian Gay Confirms Gael Garcia Bernal’s ‘Werewolves Of The Night’ Is Usher In Marvel’s Monster World: Jack Russell Is The First – Exclusive

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