Breathe a sigh of relief as you witness a good Sunday film by Kriti Sanon & Varun Dhawan!

Bhediya Box Office Day 3 (Early Trends) Update! (Photo credit – Instagram)

Bhediya Box Office Day 3 (early trends): Things looked very disturbing for the stars of Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon. Drisham 2It may not be the audience’s first choice, but it’s reassuring to see it continue to grow regardless.

In the last two days, Amar Kaushik’s director has won a total collection of 1.709 billionIt was a slow start, but it’s steadily growing day by day.The only obstacle is the fashion around Ajay Devn Led by Drisham 2, the response has been shocking and is sweeping ticket windows.

Bhediya’s initial reviews were mixed, slowing the growth process somewhere.But the good thing is it’s the first Sunday we’ve witnessed morning occupancy 28-32%The situation only improved for evening shows, which depended primarily on spot bookings.

Following the influx of early trends, Bediyah has brought the following range of collections. 10-11.50 Chlores Sunday is indeed a blessing and is considered a major contributor to the overall numbers.For now the collection total stands somewhere 27.09-28.59 Chlores.

It’s definitely a dip, but it’s the weekdays that are crucial to maintaining stability. If the film maintains this stage, it can collect promising totals in terms of its lifespan numbers.

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