Brahmastra breaks PVR day one record. Karan Johar, Nagarjuna, Trade Analysts React

It remains to be seen how big the winner will be. But Mukerji’s mythology and science can’t stop the intense brewing of his fiction.

It looks like a total winner. Shows added from Day 2 on theater chains across India, Ayan Mukerjiof brahmastra You seem to have overcome all obstacles that stand in your way.

from Ranbir KapoorBeef Eating’s confession to director Ayan Mukerji’s mockery about his inability to pronounce the title of his film, brahmastra It has survived the trial of fire to produce a winner.

what a big winner we are please do not still know But that doesn’t stop Mukerji’s heady myth brewing. science fictionThere are reports of additional shows being added in the morning and evening from theaters across India

“What do I feel about that reaction? brahmastra?endless gratitude. Let’s shine a light on our beautiful film industry,” says producer Karan Johar.

for Aria Butt, brahmastra her third consecutive hit Gambai Katyawadi When darlingsWith 16 hits in 10 years, Aria is now one of Bollywood’s most successful leading ladies.

Nagarjuna, who has a significant cameo appearance in the adventure epic, said: brahmastra I was stunned.this is world class product. I am proud to be Indian. I am very happy to have been involved in this film. “

Aria is brahmastra Her husband, Ranbir Kapoor, has gone underground for now. After his controversial declaration about beef consumption, producer Karan Johar asked Ranbir to go undercover.

Kishan Damani, one of Bihar’s leading film distributors, said: brahmastra As a godsend for the success-hungry film industry. “brahmastra Proving that audiences want a superior theatrical experience. We also need to educate filmmakers about what audiences want in cinemas. A well-made movie attracts a good footprint in theaters, and if the movie is good, OTT media cannot affect the theater’s bottom line. The movie industry has been dead for the past four months. brahmastra It’s a big relief. “

Prominent film exhibitor from Bihar, Roshan Singh, praises Karan Johar’s vision. “Who would invest Rs 460 crore in a project directed by someone who has only made two films in his career? Kudos to Karan Johar for believing in Ayan Mukerji. A spectacular film would do well.”

Trade analyst Amod Mehra left a note of caution. “brahmastra Only if you have a net business of Rs 5 crore in India can you declare it a safe bet. For now, it’s just a myth whether or not this movie will be a hit. “

Subhash K Jha is a Patna-based film critic who has been writing about Bollywood long enough to know the Bollywood industry thoroughly. He tweets at @SubhashK_Jha.

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https://www.firstpost.com/entertainment/brahmastra-breaks-pvrs-first-day-record-karan-johar-nagarjuna-trade-analysts-react-11227981.html Brahmastra breaks PVR day one record. Karan Johar, Nagarjuna, Trade Analysts React

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