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You are reading this for the wrong reasons. Thus begins the third volume of the legendary tetralogy of Hyperion Kantos, The Wizard of Words Dan Simmons. I quote this line first to emphasize that I have nothing against Bradley Cooper. Actually, I’m a fan of Guts as an actor and director.I write because I believe that a film (or series of films) is an unsuitable medium for Kantos, reducing opportunities and constraining our imagination.

It should be left alone to be read (and perhaps listened to, more on that in a moment) for years to come. More broadly, my objection prompts us to rethink the question of how media and story best fit together.

Please let me expand. For those of you who don’t know, Hyperion Kantos is a four-volume tale that is equal in scope, moral force, and pure entertainment value. of Lord of the RingIf you haven’t read it, please stop and order now. It’s a masterful mashup of hard science fiction, mythology, profound love stories, thoughts on the future of human-AI relationships, and organized religion. It’s a philosophical pamphlet on what it means to be human, a deep exploration of power and politics, a lyrical future military history, a meditation on leadership, art, poetry, and more. you get the idea.

I have now read the four volumes from start to finish twice and return to that vast universe with fresh curiosity and unanswered questions. Not all of their meaning can be easily digested in one read.

Recently I added listening to readings via the audible version of CantosI was captivated by the stellar artistry of narrator Victor Bevine and his ability to bring complex characters to life. Reading makes you want to rush ahead, wanting to know what will happen next. In contrast, my spoken word experience slowed down the experience and allowed a different pace of digestion, thus helping me savor and ponder. It gave me room for imagination while making the primitive experience of reading aloud a luxury.

That’s why I was worried when I heard the development rumors. Cantos It was made into a movie by Warner Bros. and promoted by members of Hollywood royalty as well as Bradley Cooper. I’ve been in the movie business, producing several feature films, multiple sequels, prequels, and spin-offs (not to mention merch).

but i say please do notMaking this film lessens the impact of this timeless story and its characters. Movies condense in ways that severely limit the imagination. Let’s do some simple math first. Four books weigh 2046 pages. Assuming an average reading rate of 1 page per minute, that’s 34.1 hours of reading. And the Audible version runs for a whopping 95 hours! Lots of room for your imagination. Reflect, digest, learn, cry and rejoice. In contrast, movies take 2-3 hours. Draw your own conclusions.

Sometimes I want a talented filmmaker to let my imagination ride, regardless of the source material.glad i read it Lord of ring

Before watching the movie, Peter Jackson’s version stands out for being faithful to this beloved work. ring of power On the other hand, it travels IMHO less road and sacrifices depth of plot points. And there are risks.

I honestly don’t want to see Cantos Brought to Earth by the latest clever casting decisions involving Flavor Actors of the Month. I don’t want to see Hollywood’s version of a big space battle. I hate to see the subtleties of human-AI interaction reduced to digital FX. The movie is literally reductive. What you experience is the imagination of others on your screen.For example I read sand dunes when it first came out.now i

Every time I look back on Duke Leto’s struggles, I see Oscar Isaac, and that’s fine with me. All is forgiven when the film craft is good. If it’s mediocre (or on a tight budget), your imagination is spoiled.

Leave me alone, Bradley Cooper. This project is too big to be faithful to the original.let me hang out Cantos In my own way, I was warmed by the words of Dan Simmons, who would one day win a Nobel Prize for his narrative imagination. Leave my own imagination alone to bring the written and spoken words to life. You don’t need anyone else’s imagination to hitchhike a ride to this galaxy. Leave me alone. Please don’t let my imagination run wild. Please don’t take away my ability to dream.

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