Both Anna Wintour and Serena Williams were spotted watching Lil Nas X play on Vogue World

To celebrate Vogue’s 130th anniversary, Anna Winter She attended a Vogue World party in New York’s Meatpacking District on Monday wearing her trademark bob haircut.

Vogue’s venerable editor-in-chief let his hair down for Lil Nas X’s performance. Even though her movements on the runway weren’t as erratic as Mikhail Baryshnikov’s, she was in exceptional shape. A source on Page Six claimed they appeared to have a charming friendship.

Before letting Winter accompany the audience, Serena Williams friends, and fellow tennis pros who retired early started the night by walking the runway displays on the cobbled streets.

Between Williams and Lil Nas X, Winter, who suddenly rose from her seat to perform for the audience, was squeezed. It made Kanye West, who was wearing a leather outfit, dance in his seat in the heat of the summer, making him break out in a sweat.

We trust that Winter spent all day at the venue preparing for the big event.

Another guest at the rally described it as a cross between a vogue party and a block party. According to our informant, it was very reminiscent of traditional downtown New York.

For the occasion, Little West 12th Avenue was shut down and several establishments, including Rag & Bone, opened their doors to welcome the fashion crowd and serve champagne.

Merchants such as Urban Stems handing out flowers and Fendi handing out baguettes wrapped in paper bearing the brand’s insignia were also present at the event.

https://celebrityinsider.org/both-anna-wintour-and-serena-williams-were-spotted-at-vogue-world-watching-lil-nas-x-play-532841/ Both Anna Wintour and Serena Williams were spotted watching Lil Nas X play on Vogue World

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