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blonde by filmmaker Andrew Dominicis the latest film about the troubled life of marilyn monroeIt has done very well with audiences in India and around the world. Part of this can be attributed to Monroe’s overly sexualized portrayal, which is almost traumatic to watch, but its success shows that celebrity biographies are relentlessly popular with viewers. increase.

And almost all of these stories follow a pattern of early fame, disproportionate success, and personal failures such as loneliness, illness, addiction, and even death. That these films work so well with their audiences proves that a large part of this toxicity comes from the audiences themselves. It’s an obsession with savoring every detail of celebrity life as entertainment. Even if this obsession may cost some celebrity trauma.

of blonde, Marilyn Monroe grapples with an uneven identity crisis throughout her life. While the film departs from the reality of the reported reality, by showing her as a victim of sexual abuse by a Hollywood mogul and then landing her first role, Monroe’s life has been transformed into an inappropriate relationship with men. One of the relationships. Joe Di Maggio was physically abusive and hot-tempered. Arthur Miller and she were separated when she suffered a failed pregnancy. And her relationship with the film’s former unnamed US president is nauseating because she’s treated like a sex toy. We’re left wondering how she got here and how Marilyn brought her into this space. She died of a drug overdose. As expected, the shining star ends tragically, but the film frequently uses disturbing scenes of men salivating at her as interludes.

Monroe’s life has also inspired other films such as: A week with Marilyn (2011) starring Michelle Williams. The actor won a Golden Globe Award for her performance, and she was nominated for an Oscar for the part. And it’s a humanized take. There is also Norma Jean and Marilyn (1996) with Ashley Judd as Norma Jean and Mira Sorvino as Marilyn. The commonality of these stories remains the same: Marilyn rose to fame with her unparalleled career as a movie star and glamorous icon, yet she was lonely and unloved.

It’s also a common strand of female celebrities swallowing her identity and actually dying a sad death.of Judy (2019). Renée Zellweger Judy Garland died lonely at just 47 years old, coming out of hiatus to act as a financially bankrupt child star-turned-singer and movie icon. life. She wasn’t allowed to sleep or eat what she liked, and she was even forced to swallow amphetamines to keep up with her extremely demanding filming schedule. She is not allowed to date or lead a normal life. Only when she was old could she choose to date a man of her choice. However, her fatigue and overwork led to addiction and caused uneven reactions in romantic relationships. She had to leave her with her second ex-husband and died alone and ill. Directed by Rupert Gould, Judy awarded Renee Zellweger an Oscar for Best Actress, and her film was quite a success. While there is no redemption in her Garland her life, her crash and burn definitely grabbed her audience’s attention.

This pattern of celebrity decline and eventual tragic endings extends to men’s stores as well.of bohemian rhapsody, a dramatic and powerful retelling of Freddie Mercury’s life, factual inaccuracies, and creative freedom that was called for. Mercury died of AIDS at the age of 45, but before that his band, Queen, performed at the global charity mega-concert Live He stunned the world with his energetic winning performance at Aid. Mercury had AIDS by then, but this was not public knowledge. bohemian rhapsody It closes out on a high note but effectively captures the tragedy of his lonely life and ill-advised personal choices. He won the Academy Award for Best Actor.

Near home we saw a tragic, unsung story Mahanati (2018), a biographical film about the life of legendary actor Savitri. Nag’s Ashwin-directed production pits her wife’s stardom against her husband and shows how her stardom interfered with everything in her life. Mahanati It won a National Film Award and received a standing ovation. Reflecting the fatalistic nature of her trajectory as a movie star, there was little room for her protagonist’s happiness, which seemed like the film’s underlying belief.

The life of a celebrity is cornered and judged mercilessly. Whether birth, death, accident, or personal crisis, stars or music icons are always under endless scrutiny. Sometimes these failures are exaggerated, and sometimes celebrities reverse the course of self-destruction and damage. But the fact that the underlying stories of these successful and critically acclaimed films are largely the same highlights the public’s voyeuristic obsession with celebrities. Otherwise Marilyn Monroe would have been forgotten long ago.

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