Blake Shelton is the show’s authenticity, according to John Legend

The R&B artist, now 43, recently told Entertainment Tonight that he will miss his friendship and professional collaboration with Shelton, 46.

According to Legend, he’s been working on the show for 22 seasons and will have 23 by the time it’s finished. You can’t keep doing the same thing forever.

But he’s been the anchor, the beating heart, and the very soul of the show for so long that I miss him. . So everyone here will miss him.

Legend has it that he and Shelton can’t spend the country singer’s final season together, and he told ET that this means Shelton intends to skip season 23 next year entirely. .

The fact that my family is expanding, the release of my new record, and the fact that I’m going to travel a bit are all probably the best reasons for me to take a break.

He will not appear on The Voice during the next season, but plans to return in the future. Shelton shared a personal message about his choice to leave The Voice in an Instagram post on Tuesday, where he also announced his departure.

Shelton writes: As a direct result of watching this show, my whole life has improved and I feel like I’ve come home forever.

Afterwards, he jokingly thanked the show’s producers, writers, musicians, crew and catering staff for their contributions to the production of The Voice. Of course, it takes a lot of hard work, enthusiasm, and adult beverages to pull off his two live concerts a week (ha!).

https://celebrityinsider.org/blake-shelton-is-the-shows-authenticity-according-to-john-legend-535125/ Blake Shelton is the show’s authenticity, according to John Legend

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