Blake Lively says he’s seen ’90s movies over and over again

blake lively Living her lab coat fantasy.

nominated by one of of hollywood reporterof The 40 Biggest Celebrity Entrepreneurs of 2022the actress recently got candid about her passion for “product development,” saying it came from her love of Disney movies that she had no idea about.

“It taps into my inner childhood dream of becoming an inventor,” she told the outlet in a profile published Nov. 23. Flubber Many times. ”

1997 live-action comedy — 1961 remake absent-minded professor—Late Starring Robin Williams As a mad scientist working to develop new energy sources with hilarious consequences.

Blake, 35, has launched a highly successful non-alcoholic mixer brand. Betty Baz In 2021.the stars have spoken hollywood reporter Her company plans to sell more than 6 million bottles by the end of the year, and says, “We’re ecstatic.”

of gossip girl Alum isn’t the only beverage entrepreneur in her family. Ryan Reynolds Investing in liquor brands air ginin him a lot of business effortin the THR profile, free guy The star is unwavering, one of the secrets of his success wife support.

https://www.eonline.com/news/1355842/blake-lively-reveals-she’s-watched-lessigreaterthislessigreater-’90s-movie-%22too-many-times%22?cmpid=rss-syndicate-genericrss-us-top_stories Blake Lively says he’s seen ’90s movies over and over again

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