“Black Panther Wakanda Forever” is the most important Marvel movie in recent years | Hollywood

Currently, there are two ways to see Marvel Cinematic Universe. Some may claim that it is as large as ever, and it is excellent. The first part is true, and the second part has room for discussion, but clearly, MCU The branches are widened so it is difficult to measure the size. Others say that the quality has diminished due to this vast spread, and there are cases where it is made there.The latest tall films divided fans and critics to achieve some of the new web programs. In all of them black panther: Wakanda Forever. The film and their fate are essential for the future of the MCU, and to some extent the superhero genre. (Please read this too | Black Panther Wakanda Forever Trailer: Neymore unfolds a war in the ground world)

The MCU has gradually divided storytelling. Usually, phases are reserved by big event films, one of the norms of the Avengers title. As many fans have pointed out, there is no Avengers movie in the ongoing phase 4. In fact, the next Avengers Movie -Kang Dynasty -is part of Phase 6 and will be released in 2025. If there is no big event, the honor (or responsibility) to end this phase of the MCU is in the Black Panther. 2. For many people, the MCU phase is invisible, but when one phase ends and another phase starts, there is always a change in tone. Therefore, it is important to start and end one strong. Even a multi -bassal adventure like Avengers, or Spider -Man: No -way Home, has excellent resources to do it. Black Panther 2 is facing that enviable job, but that may work.

Wakanda Forever’s journey was not easy. This is the first movie in the MCU that faced the crisis that the very loved character and the favorite actors of the fans would be replaced. The tragic and early death of Chudwick Bosman left a tie char size blank in the franchise. Many were hoping that he would be the MCU’s face after the “Original 6” Avengers left, and they had enough reasons to believe it. He was universally liked, charismatic, and led the first Marvel movie nominated for the Best Work Award. Perhaps that’s why Wakanda Forever was going to end the phase 4.

At the Black Panther Wakanda Forever, a new anti -hero appears in Namor, played by Tenokwerta.

However, in August 2020, when Chudwick was defeated in the fight against colon cancer, it changed. Because there was no king in Wakanda, Marvel Universe had to work hard to find a new direction. 。 In that respect, this movie is going well. Not only did Chadwick’s loss into the story, but he proceeded in a way to respect actors’ memories. Considering that Chadwick is popular with fans, it was difficult to recast. It was impossible to ignore them. Wakanda’s Forever, depicting the desolted kingdom mourning the king, was the only way to respect T’CHalla and respect Chadwick’s memory.

That’s why I am convinced that this movie will surpass the next hurdle. As I said, setting the tone of the next phase of MCU is a job that could be done without this movie. It may have been as self -contained as the first one, but the trailer indicates that it aims to be much more. This movie looks more magnificent than the previous work and crossover. There are many, there is a foundation for the future, and it is better than his previous MCU film at this stage. Neymore has arrived, a new black pancer will be taken over, and an iron heart will appear. Phase 5 seeds were sown. How well they react are in both box office revenue and critic, how well this movie works.

It’s no exaggeration to say that Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is the most important marvel movie in recent years. Many people felt that Marvel was overwhelming since the end game three years ago, this is a chance to regain them. And for those who are still riding, it’s a magnificent, fast pace, and it’s a wonderful way to remind you of how fun Marvel is. She-Hulk, MS MARVEL, and I am Groot are all streaming. Ideal. However, you may need a Marvel to go to an old school that gives the same exhilaration that you felt when you saw the Avengers gathered for the first time in New York 10 years ago. You may lack the power of the star to achieve that moment, but Black Panther 2 has no intentions. On November 11, how it works and many. Make sure you can “save” MCUs as you want.

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