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there’s no one like billie eilishThe Grammy Award winner never hesitates to look bold and eye-catching. The perfect DIY Halloween costumeBillie has many memorable red carpet and stage moments, so we chose to recreate her famous green t-shirt and shorts that she wore to numerous concerts!

Billie Eilish performance
Billie Eilish performs on the first night of her “Where Do We Go?” World Tour at Miami Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida on March 10, 2020 (Photo Credit: AP Images)

Before we break down Billie’s particular look, let’s line up the must-have items you need to look like the singer. Bonus: when you incorporate her chunky silver ring. Let her DIY Billie Eilish’s vibrant green stage look for under $30.

1. black wig with green roots


She’s been known to rock many hair colors, including blue and purple, but Billie’s most daring hairstyle is her signature black hair with neon green roots. Despite wearing dark hair when she stepped in, Billie’s bright green locks quickly became her signature look. Midori is always back in her rotation. So let’s start your DIY Halloween costume with this HPO lime green mulletMade from 100% imported premium fibers, it can be styled up to create top knot buns that Billy loves to rock! $25, amazon.com

2. Billy’s Green Concert Look

billie eilish costume

Once you’re done with the wig, let’s move on to Billie’s baggy bright green strands. rice field. When We All Fall Asleep TourWhile Billy’s full velor gucci The exterior was designed with Amazon’s pick, the brand’s signature symbol – this disguise billie eilish costumeFeaturing unique references (such as “Duh” and her “Bad Guy” graffiti graphics) to make your costume stand out from the rest. Additionally, this look comes with the green head wrap and black face mask seen on the model. $24, amazon.com

3. Silver chains and chokers

choker chain

Billy seldom leaves the house without a single silver chain. When she’s on stage, she usually wears many chains, along with a black choker, and both accessories happened to be grouped together in one of hers.this Jobibi Cool Spike Punk Nnecklace Features a button snap closure, metal and genuine leather. 10 dollars, amazon.com

4. Tiny sunglasses


A Billie Eilish classic!these cool ADE WU RECTANGLE SUNGLASSES A must have to create the ultimate DIY costume. They’re slightly tinted and neon green for an edgy look (no need to explain why that works). Billie Eilish isn’t essential, so adding sunglasses to your DIY look will add some flare to your costume. $11, amazon.com

5. Long nails


Nails, nails, more nails! Any fan of Billie knows she can’t walk out on stage or red her carpet without a fresh manicure. She is known to wear her long, pointed, or coffin-shaped nails. coffin fake nail kit Our top choice for recreating her nails. With 100 in the pack, you can afford to ruin your nails or put in 20. Nail glue or jelly double-sided adhesive tape, both included. Plus, we chose these particular nails because they come in a variety of colors that Billie has rocked in the past, including neon blue, green, white, pink, and orange. $7, amazon.com

6. Silver ring


Said this would be a bonus!But why don’t I get this If You Vintage Silver Knuckle Ring Set Only $14? Billie is known for her silver jewelry, especially rings, even when she’s running casual errands or grabbing food in Los Angeles.The oho knuckle ring set has a total of 11 pieces (size 4.75 to 7.75) with different designs. A set that combines various styles of rings, such as rhinestone sterling, crown ring, lotus ring, carved flower ring, imitation gemstone ring, and layered leaf ring. $14, amazon.com

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