Billie Eilish, 20, snuggles up to neighbor Jesse Rutherford, 31

Fans have mixed feelings about Billie Eilish potentially dating The Neighborhood singer Jesse Rutherford.

Eilish, 20, can be seen in a TikTok video on Friday where she and Rutherford, 31, exit a terrifying labyrinth at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights in Los Angeles. Sometimes shown reaching for Rutherford’s hand.

OMG, a follower of Billie Eilish wrote, “Saw Billie Eilish at Horror Nights” in the caption of the image. Rutherford’s face was obscured throughout the video, but Eilish’s brother, Finneas, later posted an Instagram story in which he was wearing the same leather jacket that Rutherford wore in the footage.

Two days later, a Twitter account named Pop Crave posted a photo of the pair apparently enjoying lunch together at a restaurant. The image was shared on Twitter.

This suggests that Eilish and Rutherford went on multiple dates together, evidenced by the fact that they were dressed differently than they were on their last outing to the theme park.

A representative for Eilish has not yet responded to Page Six’s request for a statement. After the videos and photos surfaced on the Internet, users took to various forms of social media to debate whether her nearly 10-year age gap between the couple was acceptable.

Both are adults, but 20 and 31 are far from the same maturity range. According to one Twitter user’s logic, a 20-year-old is a college student and a 31-year-old is an adult.

Another individual joined the conversation by writing in the comments area of ​​a TikTok video. i love jessie But still, she’s not even legally allowed to drink and he’s her 31 and no, no, no, it’s not right for me. “

https://celebrityinsider.org/twenty-year-old-billie-eilish-cuddles-up-to-31-year-old-jesse-rutherford-of-the-neighbourhood-535171/ Billie Eilish, 20, snuggles up to neighbor Jesse Rutherford, 31

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