Bill Gates, Wardle Bot, or MIT?

Everyone has a different strategy when it comes to the popular word puzzle game Wordle.

Some people choose the same word each time. Some people, like me, try to come up with new words almost every day (yes, mixed results).

Bill Gates recently wrote a blog post Outlines his own favorite Wordle starting words (and other puzzle games he likes). Quadle When Octodolwhich is a bit difficult, but of course Nurdle).

Gates chooses words with a lot of vowels when he starts guessing. “I like to start with words that have a lot of vowels,” he writes. ADIEU is also good. “

However, this is not recommended by Wordle Bot new york times AIs are currently racking their brains over which start word to prefer.for a long time the word is crane. Then, a little while ago started using slate. now i’m back crane.

Now, an MIT study scientifically proves Wordle’s best starting words. Salette—It is either a sort of alternate spelling for a 15th-century European helmet, or a small room to receive guests.

The research published a paper titled “A Precise and Interpretable Solution to Wordle”. [pdf] It shows an overview of the research.

“If you play SALET smart, you can be sure to win the game in five guesses,” says researcher and MIT Ph.D. student Alex Paskoff. told CNBC“You don’t even need the last guess.”

Paskov believes that the New York Times simply didn’t have the resources and computing power that the MIT team had in determining the optimal Wordle starting guess.

“What the New York Times really did to determine CRANE was that they focused on a small subset of the possibilities that could be solved with a basic computer,” he said. MIT has a lot of resources, very fast computers, very large supercomputers, so I am afraid to face the bigger and more difficult task of exhaustively enumerating all possibilities. did not.”

The algorithm used by MIT solved Wordle’s puzzle in just 3.421 guesses on average. audio Also crane. When Salette 1% outperformed Wordle Bot’s recent best words, slate, Even though it’s the same letter.

This MIT-designed website lets you test words against your guesses.

For my part, I would argue that coming up with a new starting word is a more fun, interesting, and more engaging challenge than simply picking the best word out of it. I like to use words that describe what is going on in my life at that time. You can choose queen Honoring Queen Elizabeth II as she dies.Also ring for Amazon ring of power Show debut.Also House for HBO game of thrones spin off, dragon house.

The bottom line is that it’s fun to come up with different words and see what happens. I often start badly, but that sixth guess is hardly necessary either.

Bill Gates, Wordle Bot, and MIT are probably all wrong.maybe i champion.

https://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2022/09/15/who-has-the-best-wordle-starting-word-bill-gates-wordle-bot-or-mit/ Bill Gates, Wardle Bot, or MIT?

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