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First. As a Bihari, I am tired of seeing serials and movies about Bihar being a crime land. It’s like painting Las Vegas with just casinos. There’s more to Bihar than mass shootings and gunfights.

Director Bav Dhulia’s eight-episode trigger-inducing runaway into the hinterland is rescued by wise writing (by Neeraj Pandey) that succeeds in providing a broad perspective on the caste equation and the ensuing violence in Bihar. I’m here. Based on the real experience of his Amit Lodha in the IPS office ( Karan Tucker), Khakee: Chapter of Bihar It epitomizes a lasting impression by an actor who plays the character so closely that it not only allows, but even rives, some of the serial’s over-the-top trigger-happy enthusiasm.

The story is prone to repeated slaughter. Bihar is spitefully rendered as a war zone with recurring images of caste wars where dozens are mowed down in the name of class equality. None of the carnage sequences are epic in their frenzied endeavors.

I have always found Tiwari’s work to be uniformly wonderful. Here in Kakhee…he faces the occasion with regal enthusiasm. The disenfranchised underdog’s body language changes before our eyes, and he charts his destiny as the top gun of the Bihar underworld by killing his own mentor (Ravi Kissan , in a fully fueled form).

In fact, the early teacher-student scene between Kissan and Tiwari is remarkable. Unfortunately, Kissan’s role ends soon. Tiwari confirms that.

Based on Amit Lodi’s memoirs, the script, especially for the early episodes, is tailored to the crime, featuring Chandan Maat’s right-hand man Chhavanprash (Jatin Sana) and especially Chhavanprash’s wife Meet (Jatin Sana). It is full of charming characters like Aishwarya Sushmita). A house man and a sexy woman who knows how to deal with men. This role is Amit Lodi’s wife who tries to bring to life the very cliched role of the neglected wife of an overly busy cop. Much juicier than (Nikita Dutta).

There are few female characters in this masculine meditation on mayhem fueled by good performances. As Amit Lodi’s senior cop, mention must be made of the undoubtedly capable Ashutosh Rana, who has the best policy on corruption in Bihar. Throw away again. “

Moments like the one above are so full of ironic humor that I felt like I was in the middle of something really special here. A narrative punctuation that rips through the mythical criminal culture of Bihar.

Oddly enough, the story is told from the point of view of another cop, Amit Lodi, but is narrated by an honest but frustrated cop character well-played by Abhimanyu Singh. The disagreement fits very well with the themes of power grabs that are an inherent part of this serial to Bihar.

Khakee: Chapter of Bihar is set in an awkward stage between audio cassettes and CDs, when the world seemed far more chaotic than it is today. Nostalgia is not the driving force here. Crime recollection.

Subhash K Jha is a Patna-based film critic who has been writing about Bollywood long enough to know the Bollywood industry thoroughly. He tweets at @SubhashK_Jha.

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