Big Ed Brown Disdains Liz Woods: Her Ignorance Is Driving Me Nuts!

we have seen Big Ed Brown says many cruel things to Liz Woods in this season 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

But Ed is (again) trying to convince Liz and the rest of the world that he’s changed. Therapy, soul-searching, whatever—he’s better now, he promises.

is anyone buying that? Someone other than Liz, that is.

In the next episode, Big Ed is openly Deny she. Not only is he insulting many viewers in the process, he’s just being rude.

yes!news Have learned What We’ll All See in the Sunday, December 4th Episode 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

Episode 15 of Season 7 depicts Big Ed Brown and Liz Woods attending the Open House.

Tragically still engaged, they continue to think about the future together.

Some say nothing about themselves, others mention their work without bragging.

Ed doesn’t fit into any of these categories. He soon begins to sing his own praises as an interior designer.

“I actually have a background in design and architecture,” boasts Ed. “So when I said I was looking at midcentury, I meant that.”

Ed commits an act of imagined terrorism by joking about “bathing” in the deep kitchen sink.

Meanwhile, he can’t help but throw Liz under the bus to show off to the real estate agent.

“Design is really important to me and an aspect of me that Liz has grown accustomed to,” Ed tells the cameras.

“For example, she still calls ‘sofa’ ‘couch,’ which drives me crazy,” Ed complains.

Many people use these terms interchangeably. In fact, in the United States, nearly all English speakers use them as synonyms.

why? Strictly speaking, a “sofa” usually has no arms or backrests and is used for lying down. In other words, it refers to furniture that almost no longer exists.

We all have our sticking points. (I’m reminding people that Toxic if i hurt you you bite that, Toxic if i hurt you that bite you)

But Ed is pedantic. Worse, he does it to disrespect Liz.

It doesn’t matter if Ed is right.he should respect him more real human fiancée Than he is the name of the furniture. hmm especially A name of French origin.

Upstairs, Ed cannot STFU for a second.

“This could be a slider,” he says excitedly. “It might even be something like muted grass.”

Then he starts rambling about how various “design materials” are “important” to design. is he right? yes. You might even enjoy this if you like him as a person. But we don’t.

Ed goes on about how this “mid-century” look is coveted. all right.

A millennial, Liz takes a more pragmatic approach to homeownership.

She bluntly tells him:

Ed finds out that the house is priced at just under $1.3 million.

He admits that paying a 20% security deposit on such a home would be “a challenge”, but vows to “keep looking.”

Ed is clearly determined, so it’s unclear how much input Liz will get.

https://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/2022/12/big-ed-brown-belittles-liz-woods-her-ignorance-is-driving-me-nuts/ Big Ed Brown Disdains Liz Woods: Her Ignorance Is Driving Me Nuts!

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