Betty Gabriel: The Unsung Black Scream Queen

the term “Scream Queen” Every year around this time, we conjure up images of white women barely escaping the clutches of crazed killers and evil entities in film franchises and pivotal genre entries. Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode played his 45-year-long battle with Michael Myers. Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott goes against various killers wearing the famous Ghostface mask. scream franchise.Naomi Watts as a patient mother fighting supernatural forces ring When shut inor scratch to survive funny game Also good night mom.

Less mentioned is the contribution of black women I made it a genre. 1973’s Marlene Clark’s Conflicting Bloodthirst Ganja & Hess. Rachel True1996’s Vengeful Teenage Witch craft. Naomi Harris As a post-apocalyptic warrior in the 2002s 28 days later.

But perhaps the most prolific yet often overlooked of these in the current horror era is Betty Gabriel.

Starred in titles such as Violence Thriller Purge: Election YearFuturistic Sci-Fi/Horror upgradescreen life slasher Don’t Be Friends: The Dark WebCyber ​​Crime Horror Thriller Limited Series clickbaitand of course, Jordan Peele’s Innovative Genre Advancement racism, Get outGabriel broke the mold of the protagonist’s disposable black friend or the film’s first victim.

Betty Gabriel: The Unsung Black Scream Queen

Gabriel’s performance as “Georgina,” the white grandmother of villain Rose Armitage (Allison Williams), who lives in the body of an unnamed black woman, is one of the most iconic in the history of the genre.She had only a handful of lines in the film, but her spine-tingling, smiling yet tearful monologue about the kindness of the Armitage family is one of the film’s most famous frames. Subtle but chilling, it’s the strongest clue to the story’s underlying horror before the hand is revealed in the film’s third act. black horror renaissance It started in the last 6 years.

“I didn’t really realize that my contribution to the horror genre was somehow significant,” Gabriel says in a conversation with ESSENCE about its status as a modern horror staple. “I accept it with gratitude.”

Ironically, she didn’t watch many horror movies herself. “I have nightmares,” she says with a laugh.

“At first, I don’t have a lot of options. I just do whatever work I can get my hands on,” the actress says. “Blumhouse, who was the main producer for many of these films, kept hiring me and I kept saying yes to them. It wasn’t like I had a choice between this and the rom-com. , was a choice between this and not working.”

“But I think there’s something, perhaps on a general level of the subconscious, that I’m attracted to these movies, or that they’re attracted to me.”

her first Forays into chills and thrills Coming in 2016 as the second sequel to the wildly popular dystopian action-horror franchise. Purge: Election YearActing on the social horrors over the turn the country will take during the election cycle that will take place in the real world just months later (and foreshadowing some real-life political horrors that have occurred during the next presidential term). ), the film tackled the topic of politics and politics. Policy through the lens of race, class and religion – with a healthy dose of violence and mayhem, of course.

Betty Gabriel: The Unsung Black Scream Queen

Gabriel portrayed Rainie Rucker. Rainie Rucker is a former Purger known as “La Pequeña Muerta” in his youth and now his EMT who assists victims of violence every night of the Purge, and with the hope of the Purge peace. We are fighting to get the best senators in line for the presidential race. Eradication on the horizon.

“I don’t really like consuming as an audience, but as an individual, these are things that definitely bother me,” she says of her connection to the material. system collapse, guns have always been part of our everyday reality and oppression.”

“That’s one of my favorite movies”teeth this fear?or is this just
A messed up version of reality that might really come true, such [already] teeth truth? ‘”

But it wasn’t until after a rather disastrous audition process for Blumhouse’s new horror feature, written by one comedian, that she really broke into horror icon status. key & peel.

“I backpacked through the mountains. Perulike when you’re soul searching and single,” she reveals. After two trips to an internet cafe and paying 10 cents an hour for internet, I got an email with an audition.”

Betty Gabriel: The Unsung Black Scream Queen

Gabriel was initially inclined to abandon the process, lacking camera equipment, internet access, and too many other people who knew English, but he let this process go and moved on. , something about this occasion did not rest her.

“I went to the hostel and went to bed, but I couldn’t sleep. So I woke up and was like, ‘Hmm… I have to figure this out. I’ve got to figure out how to put that tape in there.’ You can’t miss this

When I realized this, I took a 24-hour bus to the neighboring village to visit a documentary filmmaker whom I happened to meet through an introduction on Facebook. I was from Chicago and knew English.

“We actually shot it outside. There were birds chirping all over it,” she laughs. “12 hours later, uploaded and submitted.”

The rest, of course, is horror movie history. Get out A true black experience led to a renewed interest in horror films centered around black protagonists, giving way to films such as: spell, his home2021 reboot sequel Candyman and show as lovecraft country When they.

“Ultimately, I think we’re becoming more inclusive and a little more aware that we’re not fully inviting people to the table,” Gabriel said. Black people in the horror genre‘And I mean the specific ‘we’. “We” are in power. Pat the back to release the crumbs. Whatever the genre, I hope it doesn’t become a trend. I hope we see more beautiful black women on screen. ”

Betty Gabriel: The Unsung Black Scream Queen

Beyond expressing fear in front of the screen, Gabriel hopes the trend for stories told by Black creators and about Black experiences will continue and increase.

“I think there’s a lot to be mined, especially in the horror genre.
“Because there’s a lot of fear in this country about what black women experience,” she says. [gratuitous]”

Like many modern movie-goers, Gabriel has a hard time watching the “black struggle” and the racist violence against black people in the movies, but the horrifying stories they portray are priceless. I think it’s an expression.

“I find it hard to see specific stories that really focus on slavery. I find it challenging and traumatic. I’m not saying I haven’t tried,” she said. “And any story always has an audience.”

“Personally, I think there is something. [special] It’s about balancing terrifying imagery with transcendental nuances that we don’t always think about or see.Or maybe I know on some level but haven’t seen much [conveyed]”

“I’m excited to see horror in general evolve. I’m personally drawn to the subtleties with the many layers and complexity of the human experience,” she continues. i think it was Get out What was so successful was that everyone related to this main character. White people will never know what it is to be black, but something about that journey was relatable and universal. I hope that it will be the future of

Betty Gabriel: The Unsung Black Scream Queen

surely, Get out opened Hollywood’s eyes to the bankability of black horrorwhich personally opens the door to Gabriel, who has starred in 17 more projects since the film’s release, four of which fall into the horror genre. clarified the role of clickbaitwas the most important in my journey through the genre.

“For me, it was the most personal, because it was the most expansive journey I’ve had in playing a character,” she says. I am a mother and For real Having all these secrets and all the shame she was handling and dealing with while becoming a mother and keeping the family together.

The actress was considering moving away from horror entirely to avoid typecasting, but recently another horror project from a director of color came her way. Presented with her options, she chose horror again. This time, it’s from a different BIPOC perspective of hers that isn’t often seen in American theaters.

Scheduled for release in 2023/24, the yet-to-be-titled horror is from Indian director Bishal Dutta and focuses on ancient Indian legends and personal immigrant experiences. Sister.She also joined Season 3 of Prime Video’s action drama Jack Ryan this November, and will be on Discovery’s manhuntDramatization of the search for John Wilkes Booth after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

“I think we are collectively in a very disturbing place. [horror is] It shows up in so many stories,” says Gabriel. “So I don’t think I can escape.”

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