Ben Kingsley as ‘Salvador Dali’ in ‘Daliland’: I love his fearlessness

Ben Kingsley as ‘Salvador Dali’ in ‘Daliland’: I love his fearlessness (Photo Credit – still from Daliland)

Hollywood star Ben Kingsley shows a different side to his screen persona in his performance in “Daliland.”

When he came to the TIFF studios, the actor met his young co-star Christopher Briney, who plays James, a young Manhattan gallery worker who is drawn into the toxic world of Dali and his wife Gala (Barbara Scova) in the mid-1970s. praised the Deadline.com reports.

“I think I really have to commend Chris Briney’s performance,” he said. James examines Dalí in perhaps the final chapter of Dal’s life – which involves the disintegration of his marriage and coming to terms with death, a subject with which Dalí struggled horribly.

“So, as I say, James, brilliantly played by Chris, is the lens through which we look at how geniuses leave the world, and that’s what I find fascinating. Like Dali.” How will the fertile and extraordinary mind say goodbye to

Ben Kingsley thanked director Mary Harron for casting him for the role, based on a script written by her husband, John C. Walsh.

“I was happy when Mary invited me to play Dali,” he said.

“I love his work. I love his fearlessness and it was exhilarating and exhausting to play. It was a surprise to be offered the role of Monumental Intelligence…”

“He was a very intelligent person and fearless in his work. Instead of paying attention and paying attention to my portrait, I had to take terrifying risks to play Dali.”

“I had to take risks that I couldn’t have had it not been for a director as caring and confident as Mary.”

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