Barr Smith: Ashley Jones’ husband held on $100,000 bail on DUI, weapons charges

Burr Smith has more bad news this week.

It’s long been known that the Teen Mom star and Ashley Jones’ husband had some trouble with the law.

And now the situation seems more serious than we thought before.

bar was arrested He was indicted in Nevada on August 22 and was initially held without bail.

Ashley Jones and Bariki Smith
Ashley Jones and Bariki Smith are pictured here with their daughter. (Photo via Instagram)

He was charged with fugitives from another state, a serious crime, which may have been the result of a simple misunderstanding.

Burr and Ashley recently moved to Nevada from California. Many assumed Smith moved to a new state without realizing he had a warrant.

But if that’s the case, and the charges against Burr are minor, he’s probably a free man by now.

Burr-Smith is in serious trouble with the law. (Photo via Instagram)

Instead, he was extradited to California and is currently being held on $100,000 bail.

yes, according to new report From Starcasm, there were allegations against Bar However minor.

Smith’s warrant stems from a previous arrest for driving while intoxicated and intentional firing of a firearm through negligence.

Burr Smith traded in stylish gear for a County Orange jumpsuit. (Photo via Instagram)

Smith, whose real name is Bariki Rocketsmith, was taken into custody in March 2021 for shooting a gun inside the city limits of Merced, California. This is a felony.

Burr was not involved in any violence, and his crimes appear to have been the result of stupidity rather than strife.

Ashley just graduated from community college the day before, and it looks like Barr is kicking off a few rounds to celebrate her achievement.

Ashley Jones and Barr Smith: Secretly Married! (And Heading for Divorce Already?)
Burr and Ashley have been through a lot together. (Photo via Instagram)

Interestingly, the family moved to Henderson, Nevada so Ashley could attend nursing school.

So I think Barr has a long history of having legal issues overshadow Ashley’s academic progress.

On Instagram, Bar’s mother, Shen, explained that her son was imprisoned for a simple lack of communication regarding warrants and court dates.

Burr-Smith is in prison and could remain there for quite some time. (Photo via Instagram)

“For the record, my son had a warrant, but he didn’t know he had it. His lawyer didn’t call him,” Shen wrote in the post.

“He paid a lawyer to do the job,” she continued in a comment.

“So who’s fault is it if he didn’t tell him what he needed to say?”

Shen continued to insist that it was Teen Mom’s producers who leaked news of Bar’s legal troubles to the media.

Burr-Smith is currently in prison in California. (Photo via Instagram)

“Producers are so funny,” said Shen. “I dropped it as soon as I was told!”

Burr’s mother later claimed that “the producer leaked because we all knew in front of them and kept quiet.”

Regardless of how the rumors of his arrest spread, Barr seems to be in serious trouble.

We will provide further updates on this developing story as new information becomes available.

https://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/2022/09/bar-smith-ashley-jones-husband-locked-up-on-100000-bail-for-dui-weapons-charges/ Barr Smith: Ashley Jones’ husband held on $100,000 bail on DUI, weapons charges

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