“Barbarian” monsters are uniquely disturbing and haunting

savage It has emerged as one of the most compelling horror movies of 2022, with a uniquely disturbing monster at the heart of the film.

savage Shedding light on women’s everyday fears that unhinged predators may be camouflaged as friendly strangers. The film follows a woman named Tess (Georgina Campbell) who discovers that her rental home is already occupied by Keith (Bill Skarsgård, best known for playing the clown Pennywise). to start. this).

Keith is serious, polite, and seems to want to please. But Tess, seemingly stranded in her rundown neighborhood, decides to trust her instincts and stay the night.

The first half of the film is tense, and every friendly gesture seems like a red flag. But when Tess discovers a secret room in the basement of the house, the film switches gears and a shocking plot turns the situation upside down.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, stop reading now.


Tess discovers a bare room featuring only a bed, a bucket and a camera on a tripod. If this wasn’t enough, there’s another secret door inside that leads to a network of underground tunnels built by the home’s previous occupants.

Keith was a really nice guy. However, he is bumped in the head by the movie’s memorable monster, Mother (Matthew Patrick Davis), and captures Tess. at this point, savage We’ve spent a lot of time building Keith’s menace and the dangers of Lonely Men, so her sudden appearance is truly shocking.

Mother is towering, naked, and filthy. She looks like a ghoul, a mutant, something subhuman.

But her backstory is more disturbing than its supernatural origins. has been proven.

Frank is a serial killer and rapist who has been kidnapping women and locking them in filthy rooms in the basement for decades. His mother, the product of generations of incest, rape, and forced childbirth, grew up in the most harrowing and abusive conditions imaginable.

She spends her days roaming the halls and obsessively watching videotapes teaching young mothers how to care for their newborn babies. At night, her mother roams the streets, searching for victims and dragging them into her lair. There she tends to them against their will, oscillating between violent violence and smothering love. She doesn’t know any other way.

The film introduces another character, AJ (Justin Long). AJ (Justin Long) is one of Hollywood’s successful sex predators he finally gets #MeToo’d. After returning home, he discovers a secret room (and instantly Googles how the extra space increases his property value).

AJ ends up trapped there with Tess, who tries to explain his mother’s intentions to him. The reason Tess has survived so far is because she saw the brilliance of Mother’s humanity. But AJ can’t take it and refuses to drink from her mother’s dirty milk bottle.In one of the film’s most disturbing scenes, AJ shows up in her mother’s room. They are dragged back and forced to breastfeed.

There’s something peculiarly terrifying about monsters who try to express love in its purest form, but their warped understanding of it causes great suffering.Reminds me of the breastfeeding scene famous disturbing scene from frankenstein, seeing a monster playfully throw a girl into a lake, one gets the impression that she will float. instead she drowns.

Mother is an echo of Frankenstein, a malformed creature brought into the world through an unnatural process, unloved, isolated, and ultimately sympathetic. She is the product of Frank’s monstrous crime, and through her frantic upbringing, she unwittingly carries on his legacy.

To prepare for the role, Davis studied profiles of wild children and adults, watched videos while wearing prosthetics, and went deep into “dark and disturbing YouTube rabbit holes.” . Discussing his research, Davis said:

“It opened me up to the realities of the lives of people who were deeply abused, raised in cages, raised like animals, raised in the dark, never spoken to in their formative years. I could relate to the character…if you’ve seen the movie, you know she’s a victim.

Mother is also far enough away from reality to make her a great movie monster. She is unusually tall, unnaturally strong and durable, and her hands resemble her claws. Despite her bestial appearance, her instincts prove to be more empathetic than her AJ and Frank.

One of the most disturbing moments in the film is when AJ escapes through a tunnel into the room where elderly Frank still lives. Frank is bedridden and pathetic, surrounded by empty liquor bottles. But her mother was too scared to follow AJ into the room.

In the film’s finale, we see Tess, who made a puzzling decision to save AJ, being brutally sacrificed by AJ in an attempt to save herself. Her mother risks herself to save Tess, caressing her in her final moments.

When Tess puts a pistol to her head, her mother doesn’t seem to understand what’s to come. Tess hesitates to pull the trigger, but when he does, he feels more like a mercy kill than a moment of triumph.

Mother will be remembered not for her depravity, but for her empathy. She may be a deformity of misogynistic violence, but she proves to be one of the most human characters in cinema.

https://www.forbes.com/sites/danidiplacido/2022/10/31/the-monster-in-barbarian-is-uniquely-disturbing-and-unforgettable/ “Barbarian” monsters are uniquely disturbing and haunting

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