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Bapi Lahiri passed away on 15 February. The world of music has lost a legendary gem. We are on ETimes took in his interview last year, an interview we published for the FIRST time on the evening of February 16th.

Now we bring you his son Bapa Lahiriconversation with us, FIRST and EXCLUSIVE after Bapida’s death.


I don’t know where to start and what to say, but last year I interviewed your legendary father. It was an honor to talk to him …
Yes, I know about that interview. I’ve been here in India for almost the whole of 2021. Dad felt bad, but he was getting better, he even started working – he was on TV, doing jingles, we also did Ganpati song. I returned to Los Angeles on December 3rd. We celebrated the birthday of each family member in 2021 and celebrated each puja together, including the Ganpati and Durga puja. I was waiting for his arrival in Los Angeles.

We also reproduce Bapida’s interview we conducted on February 16th.

Did he say he would come?


How did it all suddenly start going down?

I really don’t know. He was in hospital for most of last month. But every time I called him, he said he was getting better. On Monday (February 14th) he said he wanted to go home; he kept saying ‘ghar chalo ghar chalo’.


The next day he did not eat. From that evening (February 15) everything was not so good. Mom told him “theek hai baad mein thoda kha lena”. We had two nurses. He began to feel very drowsy. We called the doctor.

Was the breathing problem again due to OSA (obstructive sleep apnea)?

No, it wasn’t a breathing problem. I think his heart just stopped. My sister, brother-in-law and mother took him to the hospital. A doctor was called, he said he needed to be taken to hospital. They got to the hospital, but could not be returned. I was on the phone all the time.

We talked to the doctor Deep Nameshi, a senior pulmonary surgeon who treated Bappida. Click on the link below to read this:

Will you be back?

I have to understand that, but no. I want to be with my mom. She lived her whole life for my dad.

I still can’t believe he’s not around. I was his arranger. I used to do a show with him. So many memories. The love we receive from everyone is incredible, my dad was not just a musician or a singer, he connected with everyone – from the porter to the rickshaw to every soul.

We want to carry his legacy forward. He followed all the traditions of the puja. My dad still fasted on certain days. He was a pious man.

Bappi Da with family

Did he also wear gold at home?

Well, he definitely wore it every time we went out. I remember friends at school kicking, saying that your father dresses so catchy and wears sunglasses even in the afternoon. I used to ask him why he had sunglasses at 6am. But when he came out, he always wanted to be tip-top. He chose his own clothes. He chose his colors.

I asked him why he goes to the awards. Ghar par awards rahne ki jagah nahi bachi hai aur aap award features me abhi bhi jaate ho. He said “no, I’ll go, someone called me sincerely and I shouldn’t disappoint him.”

Bapi K with son

Did he listen to music in the hospital?

Oh yes. And he was knocking on the table near his bed as the songs rolled. One day at the hospital he started singing loudly. Mom said ‘kya kar rahe ho?’.

Please continue …

Dad touched on Lata Ji’s death. He used to call her “Maa”. She helped him a lot. I can’t digest that he’s still gone. I can’t believe it.

The young boy came from Calcutta and created the empire solely on his own, no producer supported him all the time, no camps, nothing. His contribution to the careers of many successful actors is enormous. There are his songs that people sing and dance to, but they don’t know what kind of film it is – that was his influence. Saare ghar mein unki awaaz goonjti thi. It’s still echoing in my ears.

Have you tried singing like him?

Yes, but he was one of a kind. We can only talk and do whatever we want, but I don’t think my dad will replace me. So far, there are no parties where his songs are not heard. His name is King of the discobut hear his soulful songs! My dad never cared who said what about him and who wrote what about him. When I reminded him, he said “let it be”.

At the moment I really don’t know what else to say.

Bappi’s son Lahiri Bapa finally says: “Dad’s voice echoes in our house” – Exclusive! | Hindi movie news

Source link Bappi’s son Lahiri Bapa finally says: “Dad’s voice echoes in our house” – Exclusive! | Hindi movie news

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