Badshah is dating a panjab actress ISHA Rikhi: report

Do you remember the episode of? The wonderful life season of the Bollywood wives 2Bollywood’s favorite cupid Karan Johal claimed that he is a rapper singer Badshire I became single and introduced him to the only single woman in the group Cima SageUnfortunately, you may not be able to get specific results, and you may know why. Bad Boy Badshah is no longer single. Sorry for all single women to break your heart.However, according to the latest PinkVilla report, the Aditya Prateek Singh, which is attending under the stage name Badshah, is dating a panjab actress, and the very loved singer remains modest about his private life. I prefer, but the report reveals that Badshah is dating as follows. Nawasede Actress Isha Riki. Not only this, Badshire has been dating a panjab actress for a year, and has succeeded in closing her mouth.

Quoting the information streaks close to Carla Chashma singer, the report revealed that the two met at a party through a common friend and immediately met. It’s been a year since the rapper has met a panjab actress. Badshah met ISHA Rikhi at a common friend’s party. The lover quickly met. “According to the information, the rumored couple At the party, “I knew I had a hobby that was familiar to movies and music.” The sources have added that both of them want to proceed slowly, but both Badshah and ISHA have already revealed “relationships with each family”. Furthermore, their families. Co -worker, “I’m happy about it.” PinkVilla claimed that Badshah could not confirm the same thing.

This is after KJO divorced with Salman Khan’s younger brother and actor SOHAIL KHAN, and after trying to set up Badshah and SEEMA, the film creator heard that Cima was saying: I set this blind date in his house. But yes, I was hit as F ** K. After 24 years of marriage, designers and ex -husband Sohail Khan applied for divorce in May. There are two children between them. When I talked about Badshah, the marriage to the singer, Jasmine, was a rough patch in 2019. In 2017, the two welcomed their daughter, Jesse Me Grace Machine.

https://www.firstpost.com/entertainment/is-badshah-dating-punjabi-actress-isha-rikhi-details-inside-11432811.html Badshah is dating a panjab actress ISHA Rikhi: report

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