Baby Dove Doubles Black Birth Equity Fund to Help Expectant Mothers

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when Chanel Porchia-Albert became Doula Over ten years ago, times were different. According to a Brooklyn-based practitioner, Ancient Sondura Service Back in 2008, little was known about doula support, and black mother health conversations were usually confined to black women’s kitchen tables.

“Our mission has always been to reduce or eliminate infant maternal mortality,” Polchia Albert tells ESSENCE. “It’s changed from when we first started. Now we see people being curious, having more conversations about black maternal health, and the word doula being used by more people.” I’m in a space I’ve heard of.”

Still, Porchia Albert recently featured in a documentary aftershocksaid more needs to be done around adequate health care for black mothers. baby pigeon The brand doubles down on its commitment to advancing care for black mothers. The company also Black Bath Equity Fund— Created first in 2021 — Increase initial investment from $250,000 to $500,000. This fund provides black pregnant women with financial access to doula services.

Baby Dove doubles funding of Birth Equity Fund to make doulas more accessible to black mothers.
Baby Dove’s Black Bath Equity Fund

The brand also announced #DearDoula in partnership with Porchia-Albert. Offering content across social media platforms, the series shares answers to Black parents’ most common questions about pregnancy, labor, delivery, postpartum care, and doula services.

“As a brand that inspires all parents to care with confidence, we are committed to making care accessible and equitable for Black mothers,” says Baby Dove brand. said Neha Minj, Director and Head of Operations & Engagement. “Doulas can offer advocacy and support to black birth mothers who are not getting the care they deserve.”

Porchia-Albert not only provides doula support and more information about the birth and postpartum process, but also demystifies the myths about who has access to doulas so that more women can benefit from the service. I would like to

“Some people consider doula services a luxury,” she says. “But more and more people are realizing that it’s for ordinary people who want their voice heard and who want support during the birth experience.”

A mother of six children, Porchia-Albert knows from both experience and practice the importance of feeling seen and heard during the birthing process. Her experience with childbirth has led her to seek alternatives to the traditional medical system. She believes that every woman has the right to a healthy pregnancy and childbirth, and her goal as a doula is to be a voice for those who feel they have no voice.

“A doula is someone who has knowledge of a medical procedure and understands the language spoken in the room,” she says. “There is a space of power and privilege in the delivery room, and doing a doula there allows you to center a person’s humanity and voice. will not occur.”

She cites staggering numbers that show disparities in black maternal health. the study Black women are three times more likely than white women to die from pregnancy-related causes. Multiple factors contribute to these disparities, including inconsistent quality of care, underlying chronic diseases, and implicit bias.

“When you hear the numbers, it feels like our collective humanity is unheard and uncentered in healthcare,” she says. I feel stronger.”

many the study It has also been shown that having a doula as part of a woman’s birth plan can dramatically reduce the need for caesarean sections and epidurals.

Through ancient songs, Porchia Albert not only offers the services of a doula, but also provides training to those interested in becoming a doula. Additionally, the organization focuses on community education and advocacy.

She sees initiatives like her partnership with Baby Dove as another way to expand her audience and reach more people.

“Partnering with Baby Dove allows us to have a wider reach and answer people’s questions,” she says. “And the black equity fund is another way to make doula services more accessible to everyone.”

The maternal health advocate holds her vision for black women and expectant mothers as she continues to work to create space for black women and end maternal mortality.

“I want to see a world where black women have access to midwives, birthing centers, doulas, proper child care and resources,” says Polchia Albert. We want you to feel lifted and lifted. Black mothers deserve it.”

Watch Chanel Porchia-Albert’s talk. black maternal and child health conference September 17-18, Washington DC. Organized by the Black Mamas Matter Alliance and sponsored by Baby Dove, the event will be accessible virtually.

https://www.essence.com/lifestyle/baby-dove-black-birth-equity-fund-2/ Baby Dove Doubles Black Birth Equity Fund to Help Expectant Mothers

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