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Aven Jones shocked Rachel Recchia when he showed up for the live part bachelorette Finale on September 20th!Rachel ended her relationship Engaged to Aven after meeting his family in Part 1 of the finale, Tino Franco at the show.But it’s over for Rachel and Tino break up Months after filming ended due to Tino’s cheating, Aven swooped in for another shot at making love to her.

Rachel was very shocked to see Aven appear on stage, especially since it happened after a very harsh conversation between her and Tino. , Aven appeared, and the audience went wild.

Rachel Recchia Aven Jones
Rachel and Aven in part one of the finale. (ABC)

“I just wanted to come here and say this is tough and you don’t deserve this. Something happened and I wanted to know if you wanted to get out of here and catch up.” is it?” asked the aven. Without hesitation, Rachel said, “I don’t like it any more!”

Rachel initially breaks up with Aven after several weeks of dating, as she tells her family that she is not sure if she is ready to be engaged to him. This confused Rachel, who thought she was on the same page as her about Aven wanting her engaged at the end of the shoot, meaning Aven would continue the date without a proposal. She insisted that she wanted to be with Rachel even though she was with him.

Rachel Lechai
Rachel Lecchia in the first part of “After the Final Rose”. (ABC)

Not only was Rachel blindsided by Aven’s confession, but because her family knew Aven’s feelings before she did, she said she was silly. It was decided to eliminate him before the ceremony of the rose. During the live portion of the September 13th episode of the show, Rachel and Aven met face-to-face for the first time since their breakup.

The two managed to hash things out and develop a friendly relationship, with Aven admitting she regrets how she was treated in Mexico. The two apologized to each other during the live.Clearly, Rachel had been on Aven’s mind all week, so he after final rose once again!

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