Aston Martin history: Wings of luxury

Aston Martin is an English car manufacturing company. The headquarters is located in Newport Pannell. Specialization is aimed at the production of expensive hand-assembled sports cars. It is a division of Ford Motor Company.

The history of the company dates back to 1914, when two English engineers Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford decided to create a sports car. Initially, the brand name was created on the basis of the names of two engineers, but the name “Aston Martin” appeared in memory of the event when Lionel Martin won the first prize in the Aston racing competition on the created first model of the legendary sports car.

The projects of the first cars were created exclusively for sports, as they were produced for racing events. The constant participation of Aston Martin models in racing allowed the company to gain experience and conduct technical analysis of cars, thereby bringing them to perfection.

The company developed rapidly, but the outbreak of the First World War significantly suspended the production force.

The stylized wings on the Aston Martin logo have long been recognizable. The last few versions of the logo have not seen much change, only slightly changing the shape of the wings and the color scheme.

At the end of the war, the company set up production, but ran into a big trouble. Wealthy investor Louis Zborowski crashed to death in a race near Monza. The company, which was already in a difficult financial situation, turned out to be bankrupt. It was acquired by the inventor Renwick, who, together with his friend, developed a model of a power unit with a camshaft at the top. This invention served as a fundamental basis for the release of future models of the company.

During the Second World War, there was a significant financial decline of the company and eventually it again found itself on the verge of bankruptcy. The new owner who acquired the company was wealthy entrepreneur David Brown. He made his own adjustments by adding two capital letters of his initials to the name of car models.

The production conveyor was launched and a couple of models were launched. Although it is worth noting that the “conveyor” is used here as an artistic technique, since all the models of the company were assembled and assembled by hand.

Further, Brown acquired another company, Lagonda, through which many models were significantly improved. One of them was the DBR1, which in the process of modernization made a breakthrough by taking first place in the Le Mans Rally.

Also, the car that was taken for the filming of the film “Goldfinger” brought great fame in the world market.

The company actively produced sports cars, which were in great demand. Premium cars have become a new level of production.

With the beginning of 1980, the company again ran into financial difficulties and, as a result, it passed from one owner to another. This did not particularly affect the production and did not introduce hard characteristic changes. Seven years later, the company was acquired by Ford Motor Company, which soon bought out all the company’s shares.

Ford, based on its production experience, produced many modernized car models. But after a slightly short time, the company was already in the hands of the new owners of “Aabar” in the face of Arab sponsors and “Prodrive” represented by entrepreneur David Richards, who soon became the company’s CEO.

The introduction of new technologies has allowed the company to achieve remarkable results and increase profits every year. It is worth noting that Aston Martin luxury cars are still assembled by hand. They are equipped with individuality, excellence and quality.


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