Ashanti seems to be reacting to Irv Gotti on new song

rear Irv Gotti He spent the better part of August and September with his fans, thoroughly explaining his memories of the allegations with the singer. Ashanti In the early 2000s, the songstress finally addressed this issue with a new song.

Ashanti is Diddy, Bryson Tiller, Young Miami Remix of R&B hit single “Gotta Move On”. While Gotti was in his late teens/early 20s, repeatedly rehashing details of the relationship that occurred when he was married and well over 30, after remaining a mother, she seems to have a few choice words for the aptly named Murder Ink mogul.

while appearing in breakfast club On October 5th, Diddy says he specifically chose Ashanti to feature in the remix, considering he was blindsided by Gotti at the end of the summer. He saw it as the perfect platform for her to get her thoughts out.

Ashanti seems to be reacting to Irv Gotti on new song

“I felt Ashanti because I think music and art give you the chance to speak your mind when it comes to the realm of love,” Diddy told the radio host. After I saw you doing, I thought, ‘Maybe your sister wants to express herself with this song.

And Ashanti seems to have done just that. In her verse, she appears to be a diva hitting Gotti straight, noting that “it’s been 20 years,” she notes the famous lyric of the chorus, “you I have to move on. ”

“I’m obsessed/I’m stressed/I’m stressed/I’m giving this friend my best miss,” the songstress can be heard squatting. “But it’s been 20 years, please don’t cry/I can see you and your tears/Your chest hurts/But I got a new man/Yeah, you gotta move on.”

No word yet on when “Gotta Move On (Remix)” will be officially released. But with fragments already circulating on the internet, we’re likely to hear this hit the airwaves sooner or later.

https://www.essence.com/entertainment/ashanti-responds-irv-gotti-gotta-move-on-remix/ Ashanti seems to be reacting to Irv Gotti on new song

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