As the mother of three teenagers in Julia Roberts’ blissful family world

Hazel, not Finn (as mama and papa call him) and their brother HenryBorn June 18, 2007. We’ve been living here since we became a family of five, letting room and occasional Oscar winners (apart from my mother) drop by our Malibu home.

“I appreciate the feeling that we have, just like any other family on the street,” Roberts said. WSJMore“Frankly, I don’t doubt it.”

However, unlike their neighbors (or perhaps just like them, Malibu is a pretty nice place), there are others, such as the 30-acre ranch near Taos, New Mexico, where Roberts and Moder tied the knot in July. also has some houses. April 4, 2002, and where the actress has historically liked to spend as much time as possible. Mahjong with friends, knitting and needlepoint, birthday parties, soccer games, surfing, skateboarding, and much of the magic takes place in Southern California. place.

“There are days when I’m ready for breakfast and tidying up the kitchen, then I’m going to start lunch, and by the time it’s done, I’ll be doing dinner and thinking there must be a menu I can order.” Roberts told the uk Telegraph in 2009“But some days are so creative and so much fun, and my kids help me. It becomes part of your day, just like a mother or a wife. Some days are so much fun.” , one day, it’s a chore.”

And while the kids steadily got bigger, certain things didn’t change, except that they became even more important to Roberts as a mother.

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