As Kanye “Ye” West feels lonely Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is official again legally lonely. You?

March 2, g.p. Kim won a legal victory over her ex forcing the judge to agree to a formal request to terminate her marital status until the end of their divorce, which began a year ago when she filed for termination of their seven-year marriage.

Now, Kanye “E” Westlawyer Samantha Spector wants to “dispel some lies” about the court hearing, which was attended on behalf of the rapper, who is now also legally lonely.

“Kanye’s documents always showed that his divorce problems were only procedural,” said lawyer E! News. “Moreover, he has always supported divorce only if Kim has complied with the procedural requirements for protection of rights under California law.”

So where is your head when one case is resolved? According to his lawyer, “You are focusing all your attention on their children.”

As Kanye “Ye” West feels lonely Kim Kardashian

Source link As Kanye “Ye” West feels lonely Kim Kardashian

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