Ariel is black. Cry about it, racist.

It’s not uncommon for racists to unravel when a fantasy leg breaks. little mermaid remake starring Hal BaileyCritics have a hard time accepting her as a titular star, a black woman with a rock and platinum voice.

complaints about little mermaid They differ in unsubstantiated content at best.Some are armed because a character who was once white is now being portrayed by a black woman. I think that [sic] character,” one Reddit user I have writtenLet’s capitalize that “B” and get serious about what the real problem is. A fictional, yet historically black person who has a space in the white world.

Black activist since the 1950s believed in their taxes It was used to fund public swimming pools for whites only. (It was true.) Residents rightly felt entitled to enjoy communal offerings.according to new york timesIn response, the pool was sold primarily to private entities for $1. Also, they were quickly drained so that black people could not enjoy them. In another example, “swim to” A hotel in St. Augustine, Florida, led to the inn owner pouring acid into the pool to scare black protesters.

However, the sea cannot be drained.

“Diversity is great, but when you use it to change an existing character, it feels forced… you’re not changing a character, you’re just making a new movie. Especially for remakes and live action.” It’s because we count on nostalgic value,” said the Reddit writer. (Note also that the phrase “diversity is great” involves quite a bit of heavy lifting.)

The article follows the video.

Trailer of “The Little Mermaid”.
Editorial: Ariel is black. Cry about it, racist.
Hal Bailey as Ariel in the upcoming movie The Little Mermaid on stage at D23 Expo 2022 on September 9, 2022.

Others take issue with the upcoming film because they believe Ariel’s blackness is an act of an awakened left. “The Great Replacement Theory” It claims that blacks are weakening the influence of whites.but “woke up” It’s a popular word in the 21st century. by a black woman It was meant to encapsulate the experience of being black and has since been weaponized. But we all know what they really mean.

Bailey has been the target of racist attacks, leading multiple media sites to under fire to ask whether Emmy Awards, and the high-priced prizes in general still make sense. These questions were asked by Sherrill Lee Ralph, Quinta Branson, Lizzo, Neka Onuora, Zendaya, Bridget Stokes, Ashley Nicole Black (many of them their victory) was awarded. In fact, two of his stories use pictures of Ralph proudly holding the statuette, a deliberate move. Black women are showcasing their talent in ways the white public simply wasn’t ready for.

Additionally, in defense of Bailey’s casting, Ariel Mermaid. A mythical creature that never appears in the world we live in, unlike the very real black people portrayed by white people in movies and television. Actor Joseph Fiennes, who was now Michael Jackson pulled 2016 episode urban legendDon’t forget the suggestion . Julia Roberts was supposed to play Harriet Tubman in feature films. It’s fair to the black community who were stunned by these roles, as white actors were called in to recreate the black experience.

In the aforementioned Reddit post, the (deleted but still viewable) chart shows that Ariel is black and Rapunzel has no hair, as if her story doesn’t make sense without her white skin. It is compared to Even in the fictional realm of antiquity, anti-Blackness is still on the mind, which tells us.

This Ariel, Halle’s Ariel, is a black girl. Again, a tweet trying to explain why it’s impossible for a fictional fish girl to be black, or a tweet vowing to avoid watching movies, doesn’t change that. A white world is not what Ariel wanted.

https://www.essence.com/culture/ariel-the-little-mermaid-feature/ Ariel is black. Cry about it, racist.

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