Araya F admits she ‘didn’t speak Hindi, couldn’t dance, wasn’t a Bollywood fanatic’ before becoming an actor

Daughter of Pooja Bedi, actor Araya F.debuted in Saif Ali Khan– 2020 starring Jawani Jahneman will be seen soon Freddy, the other side of Kartik AryanAraya recently said that acting wasn’t the career she originally wanted to pursue, and instead wanted to be a film director.

Araya earned an acting diploma from the New York Film Academy before entering the film industry. Her young actor shared how even when everyone around her kept telling her that she would one day become an actor, she didn’t believe them.

“Everybody kept telling me”yeto actor banegi(She becomes an actor). But it was more like.kuch aur nahi hoga, yeh toh Actor hi bam jaayegi(She can’t be anything else, just an actor). I was… pretty good in school, I went to parties, didn’t study much, but I always got good grades. So I… I can actually do whatever I want, but people underestimate me. So I wanted to prove to everyone that you can do whatever you want. I will be the director I still love movies,” Araya said in an interview with Pink Villa.

When asked if she was ever told to become an actor by her mother, former actor Pooja Bedi, and grandfather, actor and writer Kabir Bedi, she said: don’t be an actor In fact, if they had to advise me, they would ask me not to be an actor…’ If asked why? She added that it was because she could not dance or speak in Hindi. I couldn’t dance and I didn’t speak Hindi. All my time at home, I could only speak English…we all speak English. (I) couldn’t speak Hindi, I couldn’t dance to save my life. However, once he decides on something, he is a person who will do it until he dies. I was like, this is my addiction.

Araya received a warm response for her performance in her debut film. However, she has not appeared in any projects since then. About staying motivated when “things go wrong,” she said. She was doing it…I’m still trying, but I still don’t know what she did in those two years and how she did it. It’s so easy to be diligent when things are going your way. It’s so easy because I feel motivated. It’s very difficult to work hard when things go wrong. “

https://indianexpress.com/article/entertainment/bollywood/alaya-f-says-mother-pooja-bedi-grandfather-kabir-bedi-never-advised-her-to-become-an-actor-i-couldnt-speak-in-hindi-couldnt-dance-to-save-my-life-8156450/ Araya F admits she ‘didn’t speak Hindi, couldn’t dance, wasn’t a Bollywood fanatic’ before becoming an actor

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