Apparently, Kyle Abrams and Deepti Benpati are no longer together

‘Love is Blind’ performers Kyle Abrams and Deepti Benpati have split just days after they were confirmed to be dating on Netflix’s hit reality series. Abrams posted on Instagram on Monday, “I know a lot of people are interested in Deepti and where I stand today.”

In early summer, after shooting After the Alter, we decided to go in a different direction. We are so grateful to those who have been with us during this extremely vulnerable time. is.

There is no way of knowing what the future holds. From now on, I want to enjoy the present without looking back on the past. However, Benpati has not commented on the partnership’s breakdown.

When Abrams and his then-girlfriend announced they were breaking up, he wasn’t the only cast member feeling bad for him.As Shayne Jansen said, don’t worry. I’ll put it on and give it to the paparazzi.

Abrams, 31, and Ben Patty decided to take their relationship to the next level while filming the second season of Love Is Blind: After the Altar. Abrams told Benpatti, “I just want to start a legitimate relationship with you,” demonstrating his desire to be exclusive rather than staying in a state of uncertainty.

Are we going to put this into action?” she asked, standing on the balcony chatting. Abrams said. Abrams told People magazine that she was hesitant to ditch her friendship with Ben Patti and make such a move.

I put a tremendous amount of pressure on myself because I didn’t want to fail. The construction worker explained that the reason I didn’t want to get involved was because she was my best friend.

https://celebrityinsider.org/apparently-kyle-abrams-and-deepti-vempati-are-no-longer-together-533334/ Apparently, Kyle Abrams and Deepti Benpati are no longer together

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