Anup Tripati from “Squid Game” will star in a dramatic drama podcast

Game squid Breakthrough star Anup Tripati has appeared in a new screenplay audio series called Fraudsters.

Tripati will sell telemarketing, which has become a phone scammer from India, the series will chronicle his journey as he creates a new identity, according to Deadline. Fraudsters unfolding in India, Detroit and Silicon Valley, will follow the adventures of a trio of protagonists led by Tripati.

Created by writers and directors Vishnu Vallabhaneni (Dear White People) and Quran Sunil (Switched code), Fraudsters will be produced mainly by the American production company Marginal MediaWorks. Also, Chris S. Lee of B&C Content (Gangster, cop, devil) will serve as a production partner.

“I know this character inside out, in fact, I worked at the call center in the beginning when I started my acting career in India,” said Tripati. Deadline. “I am very pleased to join forces with Marginal in this series and breathe life into this rich world of characters and plots created by the Koran and Vish.”

He also added that this future role will be a new experience for him as an actor, given that he will have to perform his role only with his voice. “I was immediately intrigued by the nuance required of the role, between confidence and pride, empathy and compliance, and the stretching needed to create a complex character using only my voice,” he said.

Tripati previously played Ali Abdullah in the hit series Netflix K-drama Squid Game, who became one of the first characters of migrant workers to star in Korean drama. The series, which premiered last September, is set to return the second season, as confirmed by Netflix last month, along with the launch of a new “universe”.

Anup Tripati from “Squid Game” will star in a dramatic drama podcast

Source link Anup Tripati from “Squid Game” will star in a dramatic drama podcast

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