Answer to today’s Wordle № 241: decision Tuesday, February 15th

It was Tuesday and we were already halfway through February. Time, of course, flies when you have fun.

Lately, I’ve been enjoying playing the hit puzzle game Wordle – and I’m writing these instructions. The game became a mass hit, generating many copies and showing everyone’s love for words and competition.

Because the game is free and ad-free and gives us only one word a day, you don’t need to spend too much time. There is no big barrier to entry so everyone can play and share their paths to victory (or defeat).

Introduction to Wordle

Okay, now for the solution!

Today’s answer is # 241 Wordle

Before you go any further, be warned! Ahead were spoilers waiting like bandits at night getting ready plant your mind with today’s Wordle solution (though if you’re reading this post, I guess you’re here at least for a hint!).

Speaking of tips, here’s one pretty tricky word for today: Napalm in the morning.

And the answer is this. . . .

It was interesting. Not exactly the hardest word we’ve seen lately, but still a little tricky. I think if I hadn’t guessed about such happy assumptions, it might have taken longer to decide.

The fact is that getting this R in the right place was huge, but after a word double on my second guess, really made a deal. It was just luck on my part. The third guess became even closer, with “A” at the beginning and end of the word.

There aren’t many five-letter words that start and end with an “A,” and I’ve already excluded “I” and “E”. It only took a minute of brainstorming to trace his nose to the decision. AROMA for victory! Smells like victory!

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Answer to today’s Wordle № 241: decision Tuesday, February 15th

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