Anonymous directors document the oppressed life under the military regime in Myanmar. Diaries-Entertainment News, Firstpost

The Myanmar Diaries is a terrific depiction of a country and its population that are slowly killing the military junta and usurping the country’s prison system.

Language: Burmese with English subtitles

In February 2021, a viral video of a woman from Myanmar dressed in fluorescent green and black clothes and performing aerobics to loud exercise music became viral. Seemingly ordinary training, it also captured something important by passing it on to the world – the military coup taking place in Myanmar. What struck the video was that the woman did not notice the military coup that took place in the background when black army trucks stormed the Capitol complex in Naypyitau.

But living under a military regime, which Myanmar residents have been exposed to before, is not a routine of song and dance. The oppressed people of Myanmar are using social media and live broadcasts to unravel the smokescreen and give an idea of ​​the brutality to which the military regime exposes its own people. Diaries of Myanmara hybrid documentary made by an anonymous team of filmmakers and ordinary citizens, which premiered in the “Panorama” section of the 2022 Berlinale and aims to give the world some of these disturbing vignettes.

“The mainstream media have a short period of attention because they are constantly on the news,” said the band’s prime minister, covering his face with masks and sunglasses, and told the audience at a session in Berlin. “We needed to create something that would keep them on the subject, as well as a way to honor the protesters of the civil disobedience movement in Myanmar,” he added.

The result is a mental reflection of the country and its population, which is slowly killing the military junta to death and usurping the country’s prison system. The film mainly consists of videos of protests on mobile phones, mixed with short films by ten young anonymous Burmese directors.

Diaries of Myanmar opens with calls for protest “we want democracy”, which sound in the background and take the audience to the apartment, the balcony of which is framed by a mango tree in the background with crows. Although it is mainly a struggle for human survival, small glimpses of animals – cats, dogs and birds – create an atmosphere that wants to remind the viewer of normalcy.

“Life continues in the midst of protests and atrocities. This is the motivation of our decision to show animals to insist that life exists on the periphery, ”the anonymous director said.

There are images of an elderly woman shouting, “We don’t want dictators,” and asking militiamen in army vehicles to think twice before blindly following the junta’s orders. “You were all educated once, but now your education is useless,” she tells them. The children are shouting at the police who came to their doorstep not to pick up their mother, and in one extremely painful case, a video on a mobile phone in which the military inadvertently shoots an apartment to arrest a person who refuses to surrender.

The film tells the story of how, when the civil disobedience movement took wings, the junta tightened the screws on individual freedoms and used insidious methods to quell protests. One of them included sending bandits in protest clothes in ordinary clothes and brutally beating protesters. This is evidenced by a video from a mobile phone, shot across the street, where a man in plainclothes was nearly killed by iron rods during the protests.

While away from the streets and protests, another form of resistance is emerging. A man who is increasingly being ostracized by the community because he works for the government, decides to quit his job and join the civil disobedience movement. In another short film, a young woman recently found out she was pregnant, desperately looking for abortion pills on Facebook and not daring to tell her boyfriend who is falling into an increasingly dangerous resistance movement.

Another way Myanmar residents tried to stay alert and get public attention was by knocking on dishes and creating a cacophony, especially when unauthorized military arrests took place at night. The film depicts camps in the jungle, many of which have so far sprouted in the dense jungles of Myanmar, and gorilla training takes place in them.

Can the resistance succeed, especially in the face of widespread cyber-surveillance used by the junta to oppress its own people? Can the punishment for international sanctions work with a harsh regime if the consequences of those sanctions directly affect the people of Myanmar, who are already desperately poor? As long as the struggle continues, even as the world watches helplessly, these questions may not be answered.

Painting Diaries of Myanmar paints are serious. An additional burden of resistance in the form of democratic protests at a time when it is experiencing dire poverty is the reality of the people of Myanmar and Diaries of Myanmar wants the world to know that there does not seem to be an immediate end to this suffering.

Rating: * * * *

Protap Nair is an independent writer working in Germany.

Anonymous directors document the oppressed life under the military regime in Myanmar. Diaries-Entertainment News, Firstpost

Source link Anonymous directors document the oppressed life under the military regime in Myanmar. Diaries-Entertainment News, Firstpost

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