Anna Daggar loves Josh and will NEVER leave him, says friend of child rapist

Josh Dagara is 34 years old today.

However, he will not be getting breakfast in bed.

He will not be honored by relatives or gifts, nor will he be treated differently from the way he has been treated for the last three months.

You certainly know the reason:

Daggar was convicted Dec. 9 on two counts of sexual abuse of children.

Jurors found him guilty of downloading inconspicuous material about children under the age of 12, including videos of brutal rape and assault on infants.

Since then, the father of seven children is in a remand prison in Arkansas, he is placed in solitary confinement because pedophiles often fall victim to other prisoners.

He will be convicted (to a possible maximum of 40 years) April 5, 2022

“I think he remains strong, but everyone will struggle with such difficult times,” a Fox News friend said this week on the eve of Dagar’s birthday, referring to how difficult it will be for Josh to wake up all alone on this personal holiday. :

“It will be a sad day. Every day will be boring for him.

“He has children, a wife, he has a family and he can’t see them, so his birthday will be tough.

“Every day has to be hard.

No one will shed tears for those who have been accused of what Josh was accused of.

Correction: No one is going to shed tears for anyone who did what Josh did; we don’t need any qualifiers after conviction.

Josh Dagar is guilty of these heinous crimes.

His defense team can be tried to achieve the removal of this conviction through a desperate appeal – but if the judge somehow does not grant this request, we can safely and legally call Josh sexual abuse of children.

“He will have to rely on his faith, as well as the faith of his family, to be with him, and they will be,” – this Said the same anonymous source the same output.

Leads the charge of fans, according to this insider?

Anna Dugar.

Anna “loves Josh” and will stay close to him “no matter what,” the friend emphasizes, echoing the same feelings and the same reports we’ve been hearing for almost a year.

The mother of seven repeatedly repeatedly made this clear.

Although Anna did not make a valid statement after her husband’s arrest and subsequent conviction, she updated her Instagram page last month.

Including a reference to a petition filed at the time by Josh’s legal team demanding an acquittal or a new trial, Anna wrote that “more to history».

This is a strong indication that Anna – who came to the courtroom every day to judge Josh, holding her husband’s hand – considers Josh innocent.

Summarizes a Fox News source:

“I know that family and their faith is what will help them all, period. Even if they don’t like what he did, or what he was accused of, accused of, and found guilty of, they will always stay by his side.

“It doesn’t mean they think it’s okay, but they always want him to grow up and be able to survive it.”

“In that case, they will never abandon him or anyone.”

Anna Daggar loves Josh and will NEVER leave him, says friend of child rapist

Source link Anna Daggar loves Josh and will NEVER leave him, says friend of child rapist

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